Wattpad Sensory Experience


Just a bit of feedback for the Wattpad folks. I’ve noticed that the changes to Wattpad have also come with very bright and distracting colors. It would be really, really cool for Wattpad to have an option for people who are extremely sensitive to colors while reading. It would be neat to have an option that would make everything really dull and muted for people who (for instance) are on the Autism spectrum or who have Aspergers, or any other condition that affects their senses like that.

Just some food for thought @wattpad.




Hi! Wattpad is indeed rebranding at the moment and getting lots of feedback. There’s already two major threads headed by Wattpad HQ where you might wish to leave your feedback so it will get noticed. There’s also lots of great discussion about ways to change the color of Wattpad through browser plug-ins while they’re working. :smile_cat:


The loud advertisements also don’t really help. I have to mute my phone when I’m reading in the app. Sometimes I’ll lower the brightness on my laptop screen.


My brightness is on 0 and it still hurts


I’m still playing with it because there’s a couple things that make me think it won’t be long term viable for me, but I did bite the bullet and add a third party add on in FireFox that has a dark theme for Wattpad. Unfortunately I also got super busy right after I installed it so haven’t been able to fully test it the way I’d like.

I used all 3 dark themes available and got something that’s mostly functional. Hoping this weekend to have time to sit down and find a way to customize it further and fix things that irk me (like the fact the header bar text didn’t change so it’s gray on black) but at least in the short term it’s fixed the problems I was having with the rebrand. So it is something for other people to look into if you’re interested. I just really really really hate having to add a third party add on to make the site usable again LOL so I don’t blame anyone else for not wanting to do it either. For me it came down to either doing this or quitting Wattpad, I didn’t have any other choice so hoping this can become livable for me if I can figure out how to customize it further.

This is the one that has worked for me (I tried about 3 or 4 other dark add ons for firefox) no idea if it has a mobile version since I’ve adjusted to that, I just zoom in so there’s as little white as possible on my browser (I don’t use the app) and do fine.