Wattpad stars

If you’re a Wattpad star, why do you think you were picked to be one? Do you have any advice for others that may want to one?

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What is a Wattpad star?

It’s people picked by Wattpad, that they think are the most influential writers, they get paid to write and stuff.


Wow, sounds great! Didn’t know they existed.

Here’s the official page detailing what the Stars are: https://www.wattpad.com/writers/opportunities/stars/


I’m not a Star, but based on what I’ve seen from others, just keep writing and be a positive influence within the community.

There’s some details at the bottom of this page, too, which might be helpful, if you haven’t seen it yet: https://www.wattpad.com/writers/opportunities/stars/


I believe the programme is not open for applications, one gets chosen. If you are interested in getting paid for your stories, the Wattpad Next programme is probably your best bet. Right now, it also is by invitation but that might change.

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I like to think I’m positive for the most part within the community, but I highly doubt I will ever get picked for something like Stars or Next. Being accepted to three or four official reading lists across two stories was a surprise, so who knows, I guess?

Stars was an older program I though. I never knew it existed until I saw mention of it on the forums and somewhere in the Next debates it got brought up.

I know my stories aren’t good enough for any of that, but yeah, getting added to official lists if often nice.


I think the lists are playing an even larger role in getting discovered now that the algorithm really isn’t working as WP expected it would. Seems to be improving recently which is nice, but I’m giving everything 110% because I want that chance with the reading lists and hopefully Next with my current story.

Probably. I need to reapply now that my stories are complete. My writing was never good enough for Next, I doubt it ever will be seeing the level of professionalism and talent they require. I’ll just keep plugging away at my crappy drafts, maybe revise a bit, and try not to think about it.

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I did apply to be featured with my ongoing story, but I didn’t select the Next option. So I hope doing that means I’ll be able to select Next without the three month waiting period.

I don’t remember when I last applied.

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I think an email reminder would be nice. Even if you aren’t accepted, at least it’s a way of reminding writers for when they applied.

I discussed that somewhere else recently. They’re trying to make it like the big publishing companies (we theorized) by not sending rejection emails, etc. Now an email confirming application would be nice, though, cause then you could at least see the date you applied.

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But why pretend to be a publishing house and be an ass by not sending emails? It only causes more nerves on the author’s end, and it only saves you from creating another email bot

I don’t know the exact reasoning, but it does simulate real querying so it’s a learning tool of nothing else

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A learning tool… which is promptly forgotten in ~3 days and never heard or thought of again. I forgot I submitted as well

So what’s submitted and what gets rejected? It’s a little bit of a mess figuring out whether its a submission process or an invitational process.

I wonder if you can still become a Wattpad Star if you write under a pen name or is that something that would hinder a writer in being successful (Wattpad Star or Wattpad paid stories). I’d love to be a Wattpad Star and currently have a few novels that are complete and over 50K words, but I am not sure what the “map to success” is. Anyway, this account was for those novels so I could write them anonymously, whereas my other account, I am working on trying to get that 50k word count. I don’t know how any of this works really. Thanks everyone for your patience. I look forward to reading your answers. I’m thinking that if writing under a pen name will hinder me from achieving that goal, then I know to focus more on the books under my real name. Another thing I’m wondering is do you have to have a minimum amount of reads? Votes? I struggle to get comments…so is that something that is imperative when picked?