Wattpad Stopped Showing Italics/Recentre Text Option in Editing Mode



Wattpad stopped showing the option to recentre and Italicize etc selected text in its editing mode.


Really? That sucks. You sure it may not be a glitch on your part?

Wattpad has been glitchy for users these days…


It is the same stupid thing as with comments… start adding letters, delete letters to make it work. It is silly.


That’s a bloody pain :confused:


Do you edit on a mobile device or a laptop?


Both. It happens if you copy paste the text vs typing it fresh in the Wattpad page, save, then try going into editing mode. The functionality seemed to get restored after deleting and typing in a few letters.


Seems like a bug thing, but it works for me (italic/recentre text option if you just highlight a phrase or a line)


It’s here for me




Same. I have a hard time commenting in the app if I add text.

Get your game together Wattpad. A site this big is bound to have some glitches but they have been horrible in fixing them unless multiple users send them a ticket.

I’ve been on a few other sites for a month without any problems. Guess it’s time WP actually updated their servers.


It does not always occur, just like with comments.