Wattpad Tags and Rankings Broken



Hi, has anyone noticed that some of their tags are not appearing on the view all rankings list? I currently have about 10 tags on my book but only 3 of them are showing on my view all rankings list. This is affecting the number of people that are getting offered my book as a suggestion and therefore my reads. I’ve reported this to Wattpad but though it’s been a few days there’s been no appropriate response and I wondered if anyone has this issue? Thanks x

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It’s because only the top, like 1000 books of a certain tag rank. Say your book is #3 in spiders but you also have a corn tag, it wouldn’t show your ranking in the corn tag because you probably aren’t in the top 1000 of that tag.


Yeah, what @heiress-of-slytherin said. If its anything below 1000 you won’t see a ranking for it.


I’ve noticed this as well - some categories which I was previously ranked very high in (top ten) suddenly disappear off the list even though the ‘lower categories’ remain very similar.

I’m not sure why - I guess it might be something to do with how active the category is with new books etc? No clue.


I noticed this. My current book is #5 in #badgirlgoodboy which it displays on my profile as its highest ranking… But I was curious and when I checked #badgirl I was #2 in that hot list but it was not displayed at all in the “See all rankings” bit… Which makes me rather sad ): #2 is a really nice ranking to be able to boast about.


I’ve been experiencing this, too, for about a week or so. It either shows I have a lower ranking in a particular tag when it’s actually higher, and vice versa.


I’ve had a weird feeling with the tags for a while too, but had no idea how bad it was until I did that manual check last night. I would have assumed that a book with a very high ranking in another tag would have high rankings in its other tags, but I’m barely ranked for half of the tags I have on the book… And then to rank #2 in a tag and yet not have it show up in my rankings part as not being ranked at all? Something’s really wrong :confused: I might submit a ticket to support about it. I’m annoyed now XD Haha~


Yeah. I’m trying not to be too concerned about it, but it is really annoying. :joy:


Haha, well, maybe if I submit a ticket they’ll notice a snag in the system and fix it for everyone. It’s worth a try (: And perhaps numerous reports will make them realise something is wrong.


This has been going on for weeks!

Wattpad really needs to do something about this. There have been enough user complaints (including myself) and it’s been reported to them. So they are aware of it.


@TheOrangutan speaking of this discussion, I’ve already sent one request to HQ (or possibly two) but with all the glitches lately it’s hard to keep track of which tickets I sent when.

Can you forward this to the Support team and let them know about it please? I’m not sure when I sent in my ticket but I think it was a few weeks ago and the problem is still happening.


They’re aware of it. But sometimes things just aren’t an easy fix, and I’m afraid I’m not a tech type person.

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Okay thanks. Glad to hear they understand it’s site wide. System seems to be a bit glitchy all around with everything that’s been added to WP lately.


There are a few glitches at the moment, but our users report things in which is great, as do the ambassadors, and also the staff when they see them too. The more the Wattpad Community report in, the more information we have to help enable and expedite a fix.


I’ll admit it’s been a bit tiring with the glitches and everything that’s been happening but at the same time WP is by far the best writing community out there.

Because of the awesome readers and writers here, I’m sure I’ll be able to get through the frustration.


Hi all,

I’d urge everyone to check that all of their tags are showing in the See All Rankings section and if any are missing, can you please add a ticket? I was #1 in some of my tags and to see them disappear from my list of rankings is really discouraging and it has affected how many reads I’m getting.


@TheOrangutan - would it be possible to add this glitch to the list of known issues on the System Issue page and then at least everyone would know that Wattpad is aware of the issue and is working on it? Thanks for joining in.


It may well be that they’re still collating information on it and so need more people to send in tickets.


Thank you, I didn’t know about the top 1000 thing but my story was in the top 10 for some categories, #1 for a couple so that’s not it. It seems there’s an issue that a few people are experiencing where their tags are disappearing… Yikes.


Just to confirm, i’ve spoken to the Support team at HQ and it’s a known issue. There will also be a Help ‘known issue’ article going up shortly to confirm that it’s known and being worked on by the team.