Wattpad Tags and Rankings Broken



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Peanuts are usually more favourable to be honest, but people seem to have been using goats for some reason recently.


Thank you for finding out for us. I appreciate it xx


My stories are never at the number it says that it is currently ranking. If it says 190 in chicklit it’s not there at all or even on the list at all. I have no idea how people find my books when I can’t ever find them myself. (Sent a ticket to support. Nothing changed not doing it again so don’t ask).
The same stories repeat over and over on the mobile app.


The good news is that even if it doesn’t show up in the “see all rankings part”, it’s still there in the hot list bit. For example, in the hot list for “#badgirl” my book is at #2, even if on the “see all rankings bit” it’s apparently not ranked at all… ^^" And for #badgirlgoodboy it says I’m ranked at #5 on my profile but it’s #4 on the actual hot list. So apparently it still updates correctly in the lists, just not in your rankings, if that makes sense? XD


If it ranks under 50 it is accurate anything above that is doesn’t show up at all. I’m a mobile user most of the time. Recently I don’t check it anymore. I don’t search for books anymore. It’s frustrating seeing the same 20 books over and over. Just shows that something isn’t right.


As a techie and an industry professional, I can assure you this:

It’s less about “Is it easy to fix” and more about “Are we willing to prioritize this issue above others, and spend our precious resources over it?” in most companies. Its likely they aren’t caring enough.

And yes, the issue is still there. The reason why I’m replying on a rather old topic. There was another one but apparently I’m not allowed to view that. (What’s up with that anyways?)


Sorry, I’ve just seen this. Thank you for your update. Yes, the issue is still there but I have given up trying to raise it with Wattpad as the people who handle the tickets either can’t, or refuse to see, the problem. It is frustrating when I know that a techie would immediately understand the issue. But as you say, seeing the issue, doesn’t get it fixed.


I’m afraid that I disagree with you. The Support team have accepted that it’s a Known Issue and they are working on it. Working to fix it. Sometimes, things aren’t an easy fix. The more people report, the more the issue gets prioritized. I believe that they are going for a permanent solution. That’s why the delay in updates.

They do care. The Support team genuinely care about us, are aware of the problems people are facing. Each one of the issues are been looked into. Otherwise you wouldn’t have HQ staff like Gavin responding. I’ll go ahead and tag Gabby @gabby ^^ here as she is a part of the Support team. So that any questions can be addressed to her.


As Nab has noted, it’s a known issue and the team at Wattpad are working on a fix. I’m afraid I don’t have a timescale on that as sometimes things just aren’t that easy to put right, but they are working on it. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Gavin


I notice tags and rankings stop updating. Good to know it’s being fixed.


They’re definitely down at the moment. Since November they have been very unreliable, but it sucks when you rely on them :cold_sweat: I hope/think they will eventually move toward a more reliable algorithm. I think that’s the next piece of update I look forward to - what is Wattpad’s plans for ranks/tags/genres since they have been pretty ineffective for over a few months?


I’m really looking forward to a fix regarding the ranking. I think the ranking was a nice idea, but if it isn’t working then none of our books can really benefit from it.


Is the tags and ranking system still a little off?


That’s nice, but the fact still remains that the issue isn’t fixed. We can sugarcoat things by saying the support team is responding, but really, It’s too obvious that there aren’t enough resources being put into solving this issue.

It’s either that, or wattpad needs to start hiring more competent people that can actually fix things without taking a millennia.


No one’s sugarcoating things here. Support have accepted that the issue is ongoing and they are doing all they can do to fix it. A couple of months do not amount to a millennia.

I’m afraid that I’m not aware of the technical stuff going on as I’m not an Ambassador nor staff. And I stand by my words that staff like Gavin or Gabby @gabby do respond. The Support team are committed folks and genuinely care. Please don’t doubt their professionalism.

Gavin is the Ambassador Program Manager and Gabby is a part of the Support team that deals with issues related to writing. Both acknowledge the problem and forward it to the developers. They honestly do. Count on them. And they freely share any updates as soon as possible.The issue we are talking about concerns the developers and that’s a different team altogether.

@gabby There’s another thread made on the same issue-



Thank you for your response, however I raised a ticket to report this issue - number 4502834 for anyone at Wattpad that want to view it - to try and get it resolved. I had numerous responses from people Wattpad that said the tags and rankings system is not broken, even when they had acknowledged that it was broken in the site issues page. I sometimes received emails from different people contradicting themselves on the same day but everyone agreed, the tags and rankings isn’t broken.

I included numerous examples that demonstrated that the system is broken but they were all knocked back with cut and paste responses. In the end, I gave up trying to get them to see, and they closed the ticket as solved. Solved!

So, we are in a catch 22 situation. We need to raise tickets to push up the priority of the issue so we have a chance of getting someone to look at the problem but if you raise a ticket, they refuse to see the issue and the ticket is closed.

I just want the issue fixed. It’s been broken since November.


Wow, that is incredibly frustrating.

I think for me, I am less upset over the ranks breaking, and more on how it’s handled. Why do we keep getting the same copy and paste message on the help page about 1 to 2 times a month for about a week on end? That’s often 25-50% of the month the ranking and tags are broken. That’s not even talking about the ineffectiveness of the Hot List at the moment.

Like why has there not been a more in-depth message saying they are struggling with finding an algorithm, or whatever is going on? I don’t understand the thick, opaque way of handling their interaction with the users. I am super pumped to see than an AMA will be happening for Next, and I can only hope that maybe Wattpad is realizing more transparency is a good thing. Right now, the lack of information is very frustrating. I just feel like I have no idea what to expect from the site in terms of its functionality.

I want the issue fixed as well. It’s not like I am having issues naming my chapter title. The rank/tags are an integral part of the site. Without them, there isn’t much point to using Wattpad as a means of gaining story exposure.


How often are the rankings supposed to update? Because my stories’ rankings have remained the same for over a week. :confused:


I’m afraid that the rankings are not working. You can read this article for more info- https://support.wattpad.com/hc/en-us/articles/360020647491-Tags-and-rankings-not-working