Wattpad Tags and Rankings Broken



@TheOrangutan, is it true you can be summoned by goats?


Peanuts are usually more favourable to be honest, but people seem to have been using goats for some reason recently.


Thank you for finding out for us. I appreciate it xx


My stories are never at the number it says that it is currently ranking. If it says 190 in chicklit it’s not there at all or even on the list at all. I have no idea how people find my books when I can’t ever find them myself. (Sent a ticket to support. Nothing changed not doing it again so don’t ask).
The same stories repeat over and over on the mobile app.


The good news is that even if it doesn’t show up in the “see all rankings part”, it’s still there in the hot list bit. For example, in the hot list for “#badgirl” my book is at #2, even if on the “see all rankings bit” it’s apparently not ranked at all… ^^" And for #badgirlgoodboy it says I’m ranked at #5 on my profile but it’s #4 on the actual hot list. So apparently it still updates correctly in the lists, just not in your rankings, if that makes sense? XD


If it ranks under 50 it is accurate anything above that is doesn’t show up at all. I’m a mobile user most of the time. Recently I don’t check it anymore. I don’t search for books anymore. It’s frustrating seeing the same 20 books over and over. Just shows that something isn’t right.