Wattpad Tags and Rankings Broken




That’s not an article. That’s the initial flag that Wattpad added to the Known Issues page in response to this thread back when I first raised this issue. I believe we would like an update from someone from Wattpad on when this issue will be addressed.


Mine have been the same for weeks already, despite a lot of reader activity. I’m not sure they are even trying to fix it.


Gabby @gabby and Gavin @TheOrangutan are staff and work for Wattpad HQ.


Hi MaskedObsession,

I will tell you what I know. Up until November my tags and rankings used to update at least every working day ( I didn’t check them at the weekend). Mid to late November tags started to disappear from my ‘View all Rankings’ list. Strange I thought but then I noticed a correlation between which tags disappeared and how many reads my story got.

For example, my story is a walking dead/daryl dixon story. Any time my daryldixon tag is present I get between 20-30 reads a day, when it disappears, I am lucky to get one. For anyone that wants to jump in and tell me that they disappear when you are ranked over 1,000, I know that. I maybe sit around number 60 in daryldixon, it disappears for a few days, then comes back in around the 60 mark.

It seems to me that the dataset was sticking and only part of it is being searched when the tags and rankings are being run.

That was a long answer to your question! As you say, nothing has moved in a week. Perhaps it is a different issue, but it seems to me that now, the whole system is jammed. I sincerely hope it is, because now maybe Wattpad will be forced to look at it.


Wattpad are looking at it which is why it’s been noted on the Known Issues section of the Help Pages. As for a date it’ll be fixed by, I’m afraid I can’t give you an answer on that one as I simply don’t know.

Wattpad Ranks/Tags/Genres - Will the issues ever get fully addressed?

I’ll agree with you when the issue is resolved. So far, it is not. Canada is supposed to have the best in this field, so I know that something isn’t working as its supposed to. The support team cannot do anything other than say “We’re working on the issue!”, as it is not their job. They’re just a messenger and most likely they don’t even interact with the actual folks working on the issues (if any).


Right? I know my stories have been getting reads, but the ranks are still the same!


I think that’s all I want right now. An update on why it keeps happening, if Wattpad is going to address the deeper issues of tags, and basically what my expectations should be.

Decline in Reads

Any update on this by chance? Still appears to be broken. Mine haven’t moved for weeks now.

Anyone else ranking in only 2 or three tags for all their stories?

No, no update as yet, sorry.

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Support interact with the site developers. Have a look-

Not taking sides, just stating the hard, cold facts. The developers are genuinely doing their job. The best things take time. I’d rather have a permanent solution than a temporary one, to be honest.


I always appreciate how quickly you respond to things, and you have definitely helped give a lot of information. You’ve personally helped me out a few times.

But I will be honest, at some point, we are allowed to say Wattpad didn’t handle something very well. Wattpad did drop the ball quite a few times with these ranks/tags issues. I bring it up on the Forums, not just to vent, but also to leave them live feedback while they go through a tremendous growth and change (which is always chaotic. I know. I’ve worked for companies during this period) just in case they might be watching.

I shouldn’t have to scrounge the forums to find information on a broken site. Nor should I get the same message on the Help page that they have been posting since November. And honestly, the rankings/tags being frequently broken is a pretty serious issue, compared to notifications not showing up. Especially at the frequency and longevity of the breaks.

They really should have had a better announcement on the issue, or at least a place where they actively keep us informed. Even just an announcement saying “We literally have no idea. Timeline is still a few days out. Developers are not just fixing it, but also trying to change it while doing so. It’s taking more time than we anticipated.” I would be happy with that. I’d obviously be slightly frustrated, but at that point, it wouldn’t be at them. It would just be in general, but I’d be grateful for the transparency.

I mean, we would too. As it stands, this particular issue has been roughly going on since September, and with frequent, 1-2 week breaks/month, since November, with no official update and/or reasoning for it. It just keeps happening, and we get the same message. I don’t doubt they are hard at work, but the complete lack of communication still leaves me scratching my head.

It’s like going to the doctor and having them diagnose you with something idiopathic, but they don’t tell you about it. They just keep saying, “Oh don’t worry, we’re looking at it. Take these and come back if it’s worse.” I mean, I wouldn’t doubt that the doctor isn’t hard at work, but at some point I’d like to see a note he wrote down, or something, rather than having to ask the nurses, or the front desk for information on my chart.

I absolutely appreciate Nick and Gabby for all of their patience with this, and they’ve been the only source for real information, which makes me want to hug them. But again, I wish I didn’t have to filter through the Forums, or waste their time. Making an official thread with live updates would be the easiest solution here while they are working on a permanent fix. It would keep the updates live, and give us a status report. And yet they continue to just post the same Help Page each time while users scramble about for information. That’s just not effective.


Hasn’t Gavin stated the same in this post-

If Support/Wattpad give a date, say next Friday, and it takes them longer than that then people will get even more grumpy. There will be more backlash/negative feedback. If they don’t give a date and fix it tomorrow then all is good.
I believe that they are going for the latter option.

You tagged the wrong person :wink: It’s Gavin and Gabby here :joy: Tagging the Nick @nick would need a goat sacrifice :goat:

I’m not getting any brownie points for standing up for Wattpad, staff or anyone, to be honest. It’s the opposite for me :joy: I’m not even an ambassador, if that counts.
I’m standing up for Wattpad/Support 'coz I want to. 'Coz I believe in them. Not out of a sense of duty or any obligation.

Thanks for the lovely compliment :slight_smile: The pleasure is all mine. Glad that I could be of any help :slight_smile: You are a wonderful, lovely lady too :heart:


To be honest, it’s hard to watch the forums 24/7 to keep up to date on things without an official post addressing it. I did not see that post, despite trying my best to keep updated. That’s part of the issue I am talking about.

They are making people more agitated by saying nothing. People are going to be grumpy one way or another when the system is broken, it’s all about mitigation after that. They don’t have to give a fixed date for fixing, just an estimation. And then change it once it gets closer and they can’t honor the date. Yes some people will be fussy, but they already are. At least this way Wattpad can organize the grumpiness into one forum post instead of users going throughout the forums, hoping to see another member post about it, or trying to find information. It would still be better than us sitting in limbo or trying to scavenge the forum.

Or just have an official announcement with no estimated date where people can just ask questions, if Wattpad is worried about making wrong date gusses. I just think it would help waste less time for those that work for Wattpad, while also pacifying the users too. It’s just better site organization and one that’s easy to do.

You’re welcome! I genuinely meant it!:blush:


They seem broken again :woman_shrugging:t2:

And the help page section for it is almost two weeks old at this point with no update as to what’s going on.

Does anyone know if the algorithm uses data on stories while it was broken? Like if I published a chapter now, would those reads still go toward the algorithm or they considered “dead data” since the system is broken? Not knowing these details is getting a bit frustrating.


Same. It takes about 3 weeks before the rankings update, I get one change. And then they’re broken again. I’m wondering if this is just the new normal that I should come to expect? Is this happening to everyone or just the few unlucky authors like myself?


I think it’s a site-wide issue:

Although that article is from 2/11/19.

Again, I love that Wattpad is trying to optimize searches, tags, ranks, etc. but I just don’t get not telling us anything :weary:


I’m afraid that almost everyone are affected. Sorry that you have to face these issues.


[Tight Hugs] :hugs: Just hang in there. Please. Sometimes things get worse before they get better. And the darkest hour is before the dawn. I believe that the tech folks are doing their best and all that they can. And they genuinely care about us.


Is it just me or has Wattpad completely deleted the facility to see tags/rankings? I can’t see any on my or anyone else’s story. All I can see is a list of the individual tags people have added to their story, without any way to assess the story’s ranking.