Wattpad, what do you think about these restrictions?

I was thinking about these topics recently, and I wanted to know what you all thought about this.

  • What if one anonymous beta reader could comment on a story and have their comment featured in the story summary if the author chose?

  • What if authors had a limit of ten books? (To add more stories, a story would have to be removed/drafted and made invisible to users.) Would this help the traffic on the site or hurt it? I think it would encourage writers to read more instead of publish, publish, publish. (Which isn’t necessarily “bad”.)

  • What if a new system was put in place, and from now on, users have to be at least a year-long user to access the forums ? Would this be beneficial to site discussion or would it hinder it?

  • What if you had to be a member of Wattpad for at least one year to be able to classify yourself as a beta reader? How would this affect the quality of the comments by “beta-readers”?

  • What if you could only have five conversation topics in one day? How do you think this would affect engagement and conversation with your followers/friends/acquaintances?

  • What if your followers were named “readers” in the interface? How would that change the meaning of them?

  • What if mature (I didn’t say PG-13, I’m talking MA, NC-17) stories were banned from Wattpad? How much impact do you think that this would have? How would things change? To me, I think more people would be willing to invest in Wattpad and join the site if they knew the content was appropiate for most readers.

Leave your thoughts on these questions below. You don’t need to answer all of them if you don’t want to. Thank you for reading.

There are already so few writers compared to readers… even less who complete a story. So I think that would really hurt the site. I know if I was limited to ten stories, I would most likely leave the site all together. Who wants to be on a writing and reading where they are limited in everything they do.

I think the forums are an amazing resource for new writers to become integrated into the community and for them to gain writing advice when they are just starting. The whole point of WP is making connections between writers, readers, and both. So by limiting the forums to certain people, its limits the interaction.

What do you mean? Like in the forums? Topucs you could enter? Or topics you could create? Or something else entirely?

Hmm… well the thing is, WP draws all demographics–readers and writers, so the content draws in more people by accesses all kinds of audiences.

It would be okay. I dont mind either. It would be kinda neat if a user could rename what their followers are called. I know a lot of people have names for their readers when they have a readership.


Hi–great responses! You really have me thinking.
What I mean is the conversations on an author’s page on their profile. What if those conversations were limited to five-per-day?

What if an author is brilliant and has written 50 brilliant books? I’d hate for them to only be able to post 10 of those! I follow writers who have more than 10 books, and I love every single one of them! :smiley:

The forums are not very popular, and a LOT of people take months, if not years to find it. Restricting it, even more, would only mean that the newbies, the ones who need the most help, would not be able to get it :confused:

Beta readers are hard to come by, and it is the writer’s duty to determine of yes or no they want them as beta. Let’s say an English teacher signs up, they are great with the language, they could help immensely, but they won’t be able to do it for over a year. That would be truly a shame, once more…

I don’t quite understand this one, could you elaborate?

The largest age group on WP is 18-35. Most of those people don’t want PG13. They want Smut, or gore, or hard topics… Adults want to read adult books, not just innocent and pure ones.


Oh, the message board? Well, the announcements are limited, so they dont clutter the notifications of users. Otherwise, I think it’s fine if Im not being notified


I saw that, afterwards.

Like Violet said, it’s already limited :confused:

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I always thought that the majority of users on Wattpad are already readers so I don’t really understand the purpose behind this. I definitely think it’d be cool to encourage writers to read more, but limiting how many books they can post would have a negative impact in my opinion.

I’ve seen popular writers and even middle-of-the-road writers have their walls blown up by readers who were upset that they took a book down - even if it’s just temporary for editing.

The forums are a great place to get advice about Wattpad and writing in general, as well as socialize with other writers. Not only can you learn a ton here, but you can also create a support system that will help keep you going when you inevitably hit a low point. I wouldn’t want to take that opportunity from new users, who are already probably the most vulnerable.

Wording doesn’t matter to me. What I would like is the option to follow people while also filtering them out of my newsfeed. Sometimes, I want to follow my friends and support them but we write different genres and I’m simply not interested in their activity.

I’m pretty sure there’s a mature filter that you can toggle on and off if you don’t want to be exposed to mature material.



Yes, that is a brilliant response!! I want to filter out content from people I follow. But, we have to realize that Wattpad is not a big social media site. We can’t have our cake and eat it, too. It has to do with the infrastructure available to the company.

The rating of books and movies is inconsistent with no real consensus on what such ratings mean. It seems to me that when such ratings are enforced, anything with liberal leanings (love between women) is banned while anything with that supports a conservative agenda or leanings (sexual servitude) is allowed. Even if this is not the case, ratings are too easily manipulated for political purposes.


I think Tumblr serves as a great example of how banning mature content can kill a platform. It lost approximately 30% of its daily visitors in a three-month period after the ban. So maybe let’s not.


XP Consider them stolen lol. Your welcomeee

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Insightful; thank you.

The first one I agree with, the rest I don’t. Less books is good, but writers will just create another account to add more. It wouldn’t help me read more. Less garbage will make me read more on WP, so that’s a quality tagging issue.

As for the forums, the new writers need it the most to promote their books. A limitation of posts just gives the forum less topics to talk about.

But I strongly disagree with the NC-17 being banned. I would rather have a clearer warning than just mature. I don’t have explicit scenes in my book but now I may have to label it mature because there’s a lot of swearing in there and some rape scenes that are not explicit but highly disturbing to read. A graphic sex tag that separates other kinds of mature content from it would have been clear. And let’s face it, business-wise, nobody will ban sex. It’s the money maker and half the popular volumes on here would be banned, and WP will fail. The reality of it is that sex sells. From my POV, many people who are not here aren’t staying away bc of sex, they’re staying away bc of the lack of quality and the impossibility of finding quality writings that gets buried under a gazillion rough drafts (not even first drafts!).


A sad truth. :confused:

I’d hate this. I write aproximately 2-3 stories a year. I have over ten stories on my profile and I write series. So just two series could potentially go over the cap. No thanks. A lot of us thrive on being prolific and our readers rely on us for new content - or they come to our profiles and are incredibly happy to find a library they can binge for a while and not having to look for new content.

Horrible idea. I learned everything I know about Wattpad from the forums when I was a newbie. Staff and HQ frequently posts site updates to the forums. If new users couldn’t enter this space, they’d lose a tonne of information on different opportunities and features. Not to mention, they’d be cut off what could help them get traction to their stories or improve their writing.

I don’t see any correlation between being a member of Wattpad for a while and being a beta reader. A beta reader is literally just a reader that’ll report back on how enjoyable a story is. How its overall plot and character development is working. They’re not doing in-depth critiques. And I don’t see why critics should’ve been a member of Wattpad for a year either.

Horrible. Thread hopping is one of the most fun parts of the forums. It’d also become a massive issue when moderating the forums.

It’d be a lie, lol. Followers =/= readers. Which is painfully obvious from the story I’m currently uploading

I’d have a horrible time. I write +18 stories for a +18 audience. No one is forcing anyone to read my content and it’s very clearly marked mature and “New Adult”, ie. not for kids. So if the kiddos find it and read it, no one can say I didn’t warn them.

And Wattpad doesn’t have issues with investments. Whatsoever. As long as they follow the iOS app rules, they’re all good. Which they are, otherwise the app would disappear from the iStore.


I’d probably abandon the site tbh, as there wouldn’t be a point in posting anything I was writing anymore with a limit like that. Maybe come back for some reading now and again but as someone with way more than 10 books I’d hate to be forced to choose only 10 to show. Yeah, less competition for them to be found (not necessarily liked) but I feel it would still hurt the site.

I don’t feel it would be necessary. Many users including new ones come here and can get advice to help them in their writing. To force them to wait a year wouldn’t really help if they wanted advice like that.
(side note here: I didn’t even know the forums changed to this until recently. I’ve been on Wattpad for years and still thought the forums were part of the site until I decided to share a new story for the first time in years. Now it bothers me that the date joined here and date joined on my Wattpad are so different :joy:)

If you mean I could only make 5 conversation topics in one day I’d personally be fine. If you mean visiting/ commenting then I feel this could hinder how conversational people are with each other and limit engagement.

I’m used to followers but I’m sure if it was ever changed to readers or something similar I’d adjust to seeing it like that. I don’t really think it would change how I interact with them or them with me though.

For more adult themed stories this could greatly hinder them. But on the other hand I’m sure there would be less poorly written, zero plot smut around. I like the fact Wattpad allows mature writing to give a wider range of readers opportunity to find something they’ll enjoy. Plus with the mature label users can clearly filter out those results in search if they’d like.
However, I do wish I could have more label options like PG-13 rather than just slapping on 0 labels or marking it as mature because I feel like some stories fit between those. Currently the only warning options for things like that are to put them in chapters with that content or in the summery.


I saw this just now - there’s a limit of three announcements per day. I think that limit is fine.

I don’t see how limiting the amount of stories people can have posted will lead to more reading.

If anything, I think it would lead to less reading overall.


I agree mostly with all that my fellow Wattpaders said above !

But… can I add that not everybody come to Wattpad because they want to read ? Some people just want to publish stories and they should not be stop from doing so… As someone said : only a very small percentage of Wattpad users are writers… it would be horrible to limit those to 10 stories !

Sorry if I don’t have the time to read and if I prefer to take the small personnal amount of time I have for myself for writing my stories and publishing new content that will be enjoyed by my readers !