Wattpad Writers: Safe Space for ALL!



Most my stories involve transgender characters, but I’m working on one set in the future as the world parches from climate change, with a new Intersex condition evolving.



We need a writing community that stays for writers to help one another and be a general space for years and years to come. More people need to stay active here to help people out, think trope discussion, ideas, brainstorming, like a crafting centre for all things writer related. chapter heading inspiration etc. and all that beautiful stuff, we need to invigorate wattpad with awe and amazement for every young and old writer, new and old writer, and every writer in general.

SO COME ON GUYS, come forth from your cracks and your holes and your hermit caves, unite in the open plain that needs to be filled with imagination, we need to start helping each other!


I suck but I write fanfictons! ahahaha but mostly romance, teen fiction or normal fiction in general.


Your right! We need to support one another!
If anyone had questions or comments don’t hesitate to PM me, i’ll always answer! I’ll answer any questions! Sorry i’ve been gone, I just have a lot going on at the moment and writing helps me. her’s a few questions to get to know each other:( someone else keep it going with your own questions):

  1. Fave. things to write about
  2. Fave. food
  3. Fave subject in school(or in general)
  4. What music you listen to, or musical artists
  5. Something(s) you REALLY like or are passionate about



Oh, wow! That sounds really cool. I’d read that for sure. I like to write a lot of science fantasy books with social commentary

  1. Dystopian futures
  2. Vegan ice cream
  3. Social studies
  4. Pink Floyd
  5. Political activism

My questions:

  1. Favorite books
  2. Strangest thing you’ve ever looked up while researching for a book
  3. Your greatest strength in writing
  4. Your greatest weakness in writing
  5. Favorite animal


Anything with dragons XD


  1. Relationships between people. Idk I just find it interesting given half the people I know are great for inspiration.
  2. Omigosh food. I really need to eat. Idk atm anything. I’m hungry.
  3. ENGLISH. The teachers I’ve had for it have been the best teachers ever.
  4. Pretty much everything. At the moment I’ve mostly been listening to Taylor Swift, The Neighbourhood and James TW
  5. Eating, which I need to do. Writing. My gosh writing. Churching and mentally fighting for a new better world. Also, stalking. (jk about the last one.) (ummm spam texting replaces stalking. also spam calling, I’ll call my friends like a hundred times if they butt call me and Idk if they are alive yanno, its gotta be done.)

  1. All of the books. I’m kidding from wattpad it is Born From Chaos or Crossing Court, and from outside of wattpad its Pride and Prejudice.
  2. I searched up what is the name of the front window of a car once. Like I’m an idiot.
  3. Most people say description, but lately its become dialogue.
  4. It switched. So now its description. Like I’m so bad - ‘The sky darkened into night as they walked into the forest’ and then its all dialogue.
  5. CATS all the cats in the world. Just cats. I have two they are dorky and wog-eyed. and slightly messed up but so cute. My gosh.


(1) A child of the Cold War, most my stories involved the fight between good and evil (usually the US vs the USSR), and surviving nuclear attacks. As the Cold War ended, that changed to surviving terrorism then horrific meteors, then a deadly disease. None published. Then I began to understand the gender questioning I’d felt most my life, I switched to transgender romance and published two novels, and one novelette here for the holidays. Now I’m back to surviving a dystopian world wracked by climate change, only the lead character is a Intersex

(2) Favorite food. Hmm. Is garlic a food?

(3) Fave subject in school was the final bell of the day.

(4) Favorite music - okay, stand back: bluegrass, but I’m not against classic rock. Google Travelin’ Mccoury’s “Cumberland Blues.”

(5) Passionate? Gardening, wildlife gardening, which means to hell with a nice lawn and growing 2500 square feet of milkweed so I can raise Monarch Butterflies, watch other butterflies flutter about my flowers, and have visitors from an amazing variety of birds. Sitting by my small garden pond watching dragonflies lay eggs in it, while a chipmunk (not Alvin) visits for a drink, tickling my bare toes as he runs over them to the pond.

Let me add a comment: don’t be afraid to explore the different. Don’t be afraid to learn something seemingly unimportant and useless. Listen to music you don’t like and talk kindly to people who frighten you.


Sorry ive been so busy its annoying me lol:
to answer ur questions:

  1. I don’t have any :joy:
  2. idk really
  3. Ideas hit me like reality
  4. Time!!! and grammar
  5. Koala


Okay, I actually do need some writing help. This is a problem that I always bump into. So at a point in the story I’m writing, the characters are journeying through a desert. They need to get to a certain location to kickstart the plot, but timeskipping feels awkward and rushed. I need to find a way to flesh out their journey more without being boring, but I can’t think of much to do. How do you fill out traveling?


Normally I describe scenery and tie it to the emotions/memories it brings up in the characters but I’m not always fully happy with how that works in practice


Thank you for the advice. I will try it