#Wattpad4 March Chat: Getting More Reads and Growing Your Audience

Welcome to the #Wattpad4 March Chat!

Hi everyone! I’m Monica Sanz, your host for this month’s chat. Posting on Wattpad is a great way to get your work in front of readers and grow your audience. But how exactly do you do that? Well, that’s what we’ll be chatting about this month! Answer the questions below to join the discussion!

I can’t wait to read your tips!

Happy chatting! xx


From left to right:

  • Lindsey Summers @DoNotMicrowave author of Textrovert & The Trouble with Friendship
  • Fallon DeMornay @FallonDeMornay author of The Stiletto Sisterhood & Out of Focus
  • L.D.Crichton @LDCrichton author of All Our Broken Pieces & Enchantment of Emma Fletcher
  • Monica Sanz @DistantDreamer, author of Seventh Born & Mirror Bound (Witchling Academy Series)
  • Rebecca Sky @RebeccaSky author of Arrowheart and Heartstruck (The Love Curse series)

Q1. When did you start writing on Wattpad? How long did it take you to get your first reads and follows?

Q2. What do you think helped you gain the reads and followers you have?

Q3. What are some things you do to continuously increase your following?

Q4. Tell us your top 3 favorite writers on Wattpad and what they do that encourages you to follow and engage with them?

Q5. What is your #1 tip to new Wattpad writers who want to get more reads and grow their following? To established Wattpad writers who want to continue growing their following?

Q6. What is something you would like to do to grow your audience but haven’t tried yet?

Thanks so much for chatting with us! :heart:

ahaha - first person here :’)

December 2019. that’s when i started uploading.

personally? i have no clue. i could attribute it to good tags and putting a spin on a cliche/popular plot (it’s a gangster romance), or maybe regular updates, or maybe even having it all up within a month.
but i really don’t know. i’d call it the grace of God :’)

i wrote another story :joy:
lol other than that i have no clue. i think they like the content and keep coming back. idk. it’s a question i find myself asking too :’)

i don’t have any favourite writers :see_no_evil:
but i will give a shout out to Lilly Henderson - she replies to her readers’ comments and engages with them.

i like to think that there’s no formula to Wattpad. i’ve read incredible stories with less than 100K reads, and there are stories i couldn’t get past the first chapter of with, like, 1M. so.
if you’re looking for more reads and growing your following, be prepared to wait for it.
i’m learning that my first story is an anomaly, and that the two that have followed are more according to the standards of this following.
if you want to continue to grow your following, well, keep writing what the people want while staying true to yourself. be in tune with your existing readers and how they interact with your content.

well, i might be tempted to try uploading regularly and spacing my uploads. my second story was up and complete in a week. idk, maybe that’ll gain me more traction and thus grow my audience? there’s only one way to find out :’)


I started writing on Wattpad two months ago, and I already got my first reads and follows the day I published the prologue to my story.

I visit the community every day, interact with both writers and readers and share my stories through the SYS-threads and Story Requests.

I try to reply to comments on my story as often as possible and to be as active on the forums as I can be.

Three of my favorite writers on Wattpad are acodellwriter, DoNotMicrowave and autheras, although I haven’t really been in contact with them yet. I just think that they write amazing stories that keep me hooked until the last word.

I’ve said it a few times already: interact with other writers and readers on the forums. If people see you help others out with questions or start interesting threads, they may get curious about your work and check out your profile. It works for me, at least.

I’d love to offer critiques for other people’s stories, but right now I simply don’t have the time to do something like that.


My biggest concern with Wattpad is, as Veechiedza says, that the number of readers is actually a misnomer. This applies to films these days as well -the number of readers is no guarantee of quality; but if people see that there’s lots of reads then they’ll flock to the story and stop reading it after a short while. However, they will still have been logged as a reader.
All the tips I’ve seen so far have been of very little help as the only people reading stories -that I can see- are potential writers looking for the same thing lol. Those at the top of the pyramid are less likely to help the others get up either…
I do give a lot of support where I can but this isn’t reciprocated often. People only offer to read one chapter at a time (as that’s all it takes to get a read and artificialy increase the ‘worth’ of a story). It’s a strange set-up and one that I’ve still not got my head around.


I started writing on Wattpad in 2014. It took me a while to get reads and follows, but the reads grew pretty steadily. Except I had a hiatus in between that lasted a while and came back to realize that Old Wattpad had been replaced with New Wattpad + Forums so now I’m working on building back a reader base, especially since I’ve switched accounts to declutter.

Being active on forums, commenting on other peoples’ works, reading other works, offering graphic services. Except the latter is only payment and doesn’t feel as earned, somehow.

I try to continue networking on Forums and also reply to comments in stories. I enjoy listening to and getting reader feedback, so I try to see what each reader enjoys / dislikes.

I don’t think I can pick favorites :sweat_smile: I admire many of the writers here! But they’re all very friendly and helpful and genuinely seem to enjoy talking with others and sharing writing tips.

Get involved with the forums! Participate in threads, do read-for-read, critiques, ask questions, give answers, share in the sys threads. On Wattpad, everyone’s a writer or reader and wants their works to be seen. Talk with other authors! They might be interested in what you’ve got.

Marketing on social media platforms. I actually don’t plan on doing this, but it sounds like something cool. I’d also love to enter into more contests, but I need more completed works to do that LOL


I started writing on wattpad about 3 years ago and it took a few months to get noticeable reads and followers

Chatting around the forums and making friends

The occasional follow for follow but I don’t do it that often. Mostly I just chat around here and people who are interested start following me

I don’t actually read on wattpad :sweat_smile:

As someone who didn’t discover the forums while first starting out, I’d say definitely use them. Getting a name for yourself and becoming a familiar face to some others is a good way to do this.

I think the best tip for new writers, though, is to not write to impress others. Write for yourself. When you start writing for other people, the story begins to lose the spark in it that would’ve drawn readers to you in the first place.

Getting reads and followers won’t happen instantly. You have to be patient for this to happen. It took me 3 years to get up to 2k reads on one of my books and that only happened a few weeks ago. So, yeah, patience is important in playing the game

Nothing I can think of :thinking:


Q1. When did you start writing on Wattpad? How long did it take you to get your first reads and follows?
I started writing here in 2015. It took me some time to get my first reads and followers at the time for I was just a beginning storyteller who had flaws and didn’t have any Wattpad Friends till I started opening up. I also joined the Wattpad Ambassadors at that time under a different username, so the program there helped me get known around the community. smiles Although I had to leave the program for Health problems last year; I came back to Wattpad after my break and joined some book clubs to help me along my writing journeys.

Q2. What do you think helped you gain the reads and followers you have?
I think that was due to my reading, commenting and chatting with other authors and writers of all kinds … written stories, poets, or even artists. Although, I only visit the forums once a week or so, I try to engage with the community every time I log in.

Q3. What are some things you do to continuously increase your following?
I update my work or thoughts on my Profile’s wall. when I can. I also comment on ambassador profiles and if I have time, I will do their challenges or contests. It’s a great way to meet people.

Q4. Tell us your top 3 favorite writers on Wattpad and what they do that encourages you to follow and engage with them?

There have been many writers who have helped me along the way. I’d say @ShaunAllan, for his horror stories. I have been inspired by them to write my own.
@maryltabor for her writing tips and @Nablai for supporting me in every way no matter how I might become "writer depressed.

Q5. What is your #1 tip to new Wattpad writers who want to get more reads and grow their following? To established Wattpad writers who want to continue growing their following?
They won’t bite! Make yourself known and introduce yourself. Don’t be shy! Join the forums, and participate in book clubs! For me, I think many beginners are afraid of hard critiques, but you will never learn from your mistakes if no one tells you the cold hard truth. That’s how your story can improve and you can also gain new readers by using this method.

Q6. What is something you would like to do to grow your audience but haven’t tried yet?
Publishing, Marketing and the like are my goals. I’m going to admit I’m afraid to try it out … Indie Publishing or finding a Literary Agent but I’ll never know if I don’t figure it out step by step.


I started last year in January. It didn’t take long for me to get my first reads and follows. Every day I get at least 5-10 new followers which is pretty cool. :slight_smile:

Oh definitely my Tumblr followers. I used to write fanfiction on there. Some of my followers from there were kind enough to follow me on here and continue supporting me now that I’m done with fanfiction. It’s nice to receive messages saying how they’ve been following me since my first fanfic, it always makes me feel warm inside. :’)

I only have two all time favorite authors but one of them is barely on Wattpad now so Imma just say one lol (I’m sorry)

  • Ridiculous_ : She made a Facebook group for her followers to post sneak peeks of her upcoming stories. We also get updates first before those who are only on Wattpad.

New writers: Make new friends and join read for reads. When you do that you’ll find others who enjoy your books and continue reading past the number of chapters that was agreed to be read. Make sure your writing is as good as it could be because poorly written stories turn away many readers.

Established Writers: Join book clubs! It’s a fun way to find new friends who also want to help you improve your writing. Also, reply to comments on your books because it’ll make readers know that they’re appreciated.

I wanna make an Instagram where I post art for my characters. :slight_smile: I also want to make a Facebook once I gain a large number of followers so we can all share memes of my stories. :joy:


I technically started writing on WP in 2015-2016 and it took me about a year to get my first 1k reads. However, more recently, I posted a book and it took me about a month to get 1k reads.

Practice. Learning more about how the algorithm works*, simply getting better at writing*, being more consistent in posting, being more involved with the forums, and engaging in general.

Writing? Engaging with readers and writers on the forums and in my books, I suppose.

Too many to pick from!

Keep writing. Writing is hard, writer for the passion, engage with others. Don’t give up.

This is an amazing thread to read for new writers —> Best advice for new Wattpadders: Add to this Wiki Post!

Spread out into a wider variety of genres! Though I am kind of trying that now.


In 2014, posted here for a while. Got some feedback on my works, didn’t like where the story was going so i took it down and didn’t write again for another few years. Finally got back into it around late 2018 and been trying to write ever since.

Consistent updating of my works (when i was still actively writing)

try to engage my readers with questions

@DoNotMicrowave @colourlessness/@LovelyLivvi and @UnsinkableShips! Love them so much for their inspiring work and they motivate me to be a better writer. They’re just have this vibe about them that is welcoming and inviting, not to mention that their writing styles are really engaging.

participate in book clubs, read for reads and make friends on the forums!

Marketing using social media but it’s tough to do when you’re not really used to it


i’ve been on wattpad since december 2015 but i only started writing around 2017 (irregularly) and then actually started to write full length novels by 2018. i only started to get reads in 2019, i think. and it was just like…100 or so reads every month.

definitely after i became part of ONC 2019! and then i decided to actually be active in the forums so that really, really helped too. but most of the credit goes to the friends i ended up making. they were nice enough to read my works and also request their followers to, and that did wonders for me. if any of you guys come around this, i love y’all!

hmm…i try to be active here and reply to as many posts as possible, especially the ones where i feel like my knowledge can actually shine. i comment on books a lot when i read, and that usually ends up making people laugh or relate to me, at least, and i get a follow or two! if i’m lucky, i end up becoming friends with them.

@ccreator, @saturnine-- (for the love of god, please just join forums, i beg of you), and @foreworded
they’re all such amazing writers that you can’t help but fall in love with their words and them. above that, they frequently reply to comments and that’s honestly always one of the top reasons that push me to follow people and actually keep up with their works.

it’s a give! and! take! community! if you don’t give, you won’t get. please, engage with writers. let them know you love their works. leave nice comments. help everyone around. try to take part in competitions as much as you can because that stuff is going to impact your reads. 100%. and lastly, updating regularly can do wonders for your daily reader interaction. the sooner you finish your books, the faster you’re going to grow.

actually finish a book for once, maybe :skull:
i’m always stuck in a spiral of university work/health issues and that really does mess with my update schedule + my desire to write more.

thank you for this! replying to this really made me look back on some really important stuff that i needed to be reminded of :heart:


Thank you so much for those kind words. You’re amazing!


Started posting a story at the beginning of the year. It didn’t take long to get my first reads…and that’s all the reads I’ve gotten.

Getting lucky in landing my story in front of people who’d like it (or more likely, upvote it just to be encouraging).

I’ve been participating on the forums (doesn’t work), posting in Share Your Story threads (doesn’t work), and doing read-for-read things (ditto). I’ve also applied to a few of the Ambassador reading lists, but haven’t gotten word if I’ve been approved or denied or if the entire Ambassador team laughed themselves to death at my story, so :woman_shrugging:.

If you want a following, write the kind of stories that get a following here.

A few things.

Funnily enough, when you try and it has no effect, it kinda dissuades you from trying more.


You’re so sweet. Thank you for mentioning me!!


I started in Early February (I can’t believe it’s only been a month!)

My biggest booster was starting R4R’s really early in the game. Only publishing one or two chapters at a time, too. I think I’ve also joined about 4-5 competitions, and at least one book club.

I follow other people, too. I try to comment and vote as much as possible (especially if I like what I’m reading). I try to stay as active as possible on the forums, as well.

I’m so new, that I don’t really have any “favorites” yet. But some of the people I do follow, I like to engage with them via comments, as well as PM in order to get to know them better.

Start early with the R4R’s, and be open and accepting of constructive criticism. I have yet to be “blessed” with any super negative/harassing feedback, so I guess I’m just lucky at this point. I like to also try and reply to any constructive feedback I get by acknowledging the other person’s expertise and taking notes on them. Whether or not I actually use that advice depends on how much of it makes sense for my story.

I haven’t thought about that, honestly. I’m still super new to Wattpad as a whole.


I started publishing spring of 2019.
The first weeks were slow. I started getting loyal readers once I had more chapters posted.

My most popular book broke 1000 reads by August.

Engaging with the community.

Continue engaging. Take part in Wattpad-wide contests. I don’t actually do anything specific to increase my following, but being an active Wattpadder is the only reason I have the reads and followers I do.

Honestly, I see 10 loyal readers as more important than a 1000 followers.

You can’t make me choose. Stop trying.

To newbies - talk to fellow readers and writers. Be helpful and positive. No one likes a grump.

To established- don’t sit on your laurels and expect thongs to just happen. I’m keeping this typo because it’s hilarious. You have to continue the same effort the newbies do. But you should be smarter by now so you do have an advantage. Give back to the community.

I started working on my brand. I think it’s starting to take shape on Wattpad but it’s very shaky outside of the platform. There’s still a lot for me to learn about marketing.

And of course, I want to continue growing as a writer.


Sounds interesting.

Q1. When did you start writing on Wattpad? How long did it take you to get your first reads and follows? I think I joined in mid 2018, and got reads/follows soon after that. Both came relatively at the same time, maybe about a week or two after I joined?

Q2. What do you think helped you gain the reads and followers you have? Contests. I know R4R and posting religiously on the Share Your Story section has contributed to some, but winning big name contests has been the sole boost in my readership.

Q3. What are some things you do to continuously increase your following? Continue to be active in the community, post in the story requests and share your story threads, keep a consistent update schedule, and enter user and official awards contests when they come up.

Q4. Tell us your top 3 favorite writers on Wattpad and what they do that encourages you to follow and engage with them? I actually have done very little reading on here. There’s a few fellow writers that I enjoy interacting with. @Siennafrost and @AFleetingDream_91 are two of them. The first is my rival since my story beat theirs in a contest, and I know they want a rematch :wink:

Q5. What is your #1 tip to new Wattpad writers who want to get more reads and grow their following? To established Wattpad writers who want to continue growing their following? Honestly? If you want Wattpad popularity, write romance or werewolf/vampire romance. You’ll probably get a large amount of reads just for writing in those genres as they’re easily the largest. For the rest, SYS, story requests, R4R, and contests are probably the most lucrative, but none of those will matter unless you’ve done the work to produce your best writing and thoroughly enjoy the story you’re creating. Nothing shows through more like a story the author is completely in love with.

Q6. What is something you would like to do to grow your audience but haven’t tried yet? On Wattpad? I’ve utilized all the available resources to grow my audience as much as I can. Other than winning the Wattys, or getting accepted to one of the official programs, I don’t think there’s much else I can be doing. Off Wattpad, submit my stories to a publisher for a deal is the one thing I’ve been holding off on until I have the right story to submit (my current WIP once it’sfinished and gets a good revision).

I’m looking forward to seeing if something interesting comes up :slight_smile:


Oh well, somebody’s got to be a martyr for female fantasy writers and bring down the male titans just to prove we can write this s#%^ too. That’s also directed at you @MathiasCavanaugh


Of course I will continue to fail until I stuff a damn dragon or elves in there. *rolls eyes

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My story doesn’t even have any until the very end lol. Well, I guess the Necromancer is technically an elf, but it’s not very obvious. The MC is half human half dwarf, and spends a good deal of the story travelling with other dwarves :slight_smile:

I think women have a very strong presence in the Fantasy world. Just look at Cassandra Claire who’s considered The Queen of Fantasy according to The New York Times. I don’t know how old that title is, but her books are everywhere.


I haven’t read her actually. I should try. But that wasn’t a jab at your book or Mathias’ about dragons, more at GRRM which would have been proof that fantasy doesn’t need a magical creature to make it huge if only he’d restrained himself from dragons and zombies *rolls eyes. But that is why I’m going to fail. I missed the point of fantasy completely XDDD

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