#Wattpad4 November Chat: Productivity and Motivation!

Happy November everyone! Welcome to the #Wattpad4 November Chat!
With Nanowrimo taking place this month, we thought a great topic to discuss is Productivity and Motivation. Answer the questions below to let us know how you stay motivated and productive while working on your stories! I’m sure many writers will benefit from your tips and tricks! :heart:

We can’t wait to read your answers!

Happy writing (and chatting)!
The Wattpad4

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Q1. It’s November, and many of us are attempting to write 50K words in 30 days. What are some ways to keep yourself motivated during this time?


Q2. We can all lose steam when writing and want to give up completely, weaving a web of unfinished stories. What’s your number one tip to keep yourself mentally going until the finish line?


Q3. How do you measure your level of productivity on any given day? Word count alone? Writing one shorter but incredibly good scene. What do you count as a productive day?


Q4. There are many tools/resources out there to help assist with productivity levels. Do you have any recommendations for other writers?

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Q5. For fun: Tell us about your NanoWrioMo or another current project.


Now it’s time for the open Q&A portion of the chat! If you have any questions for the #Wattpad4 or about what we’ve covered in today’s chat, let us know! ( Please no read requests, thanks!!)

Thanks so much for chatting with us! We’ll be back with a new topic on the first Monday of every month so be sure to mark your calendars! The December chat will start on December 2 :heart:


Treating writing like it’s a job and knowing pretty soon I won’t have much time to write anymore.

After hearing that HQ looks to see if authors have completed their books, I now make sure to complete all of them.

Just being able to write in general. :joy:

I plan to complete 2 books this month since I kinda cheated and started one in late October.


A1. I try to give myself rewards during NaNoWriMo if I hit certain goals like watching an episode of my favorite Asian drama or buying myself a cupcake from my favorite bakery. Little things like that keep me motivated.


A2. A loving yet stern accountability partner. Honestly, there’s nothing better than a friend demanding you stop procrastinating and getting things done. (Doesn’t even have to be a friend, I’m open to random strangers too!)


A3. I don’t have set of parameters but rather tailor them to what’s happening in my life at that time. If I’m super busy I consider 300 words a good day but if there’s nothing going on, I want to write at least a chapter which is around 2.5k-4k.

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I keep a strict schedule. It actually helps keep me on task and helps me focus.

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I used to have a problem with going back and editing my first draft and I would get frustrated and leave the story half finished. Now, I’ve learned the first draft is just to give the bones of the story. So, as long as I keep that in mind, I finish it.

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Putting out one chapter a day, editing and reading for at least an hour a day.


For me, it’s a particularly busy month as I moved 3000 miles on the 1st and now work full time as my sisters nanny… however I find that giving myself the same hours every day (in my case 6am to 9/930 am) keeps my mind in that writing mood. If I know I’m going to be writing at that time, I click into gear and it becomes habit instead of work :slight_smile:

Taking a break. Its sounds unproductive but sometimes pushing yourself through will do more harm than good. Itll come naturally if you just step back and think for a bit

This one varies. I think it’s just personal satisfaction. Some days are just hard, and I feel good that I wrote 200 words. Someday I write 5k and feel like I could have done more.

I think the only tool I really use is a text to speech app. I always recommend you listen to your writing when you are done. You will find so many flow errors and typos your eyes ignored.

I have two WIP. My nano project is the sequel to my first novel here, The UnTitled.

My other WIP is a comic book/novel hybrid LGBTQA+ superhero story

I dont know what this is all about, but answering these were fun! I hope everyone had a delightful writing month, especially those doing NaNoWriMo!


I feel more comfortable with writing 5-7K per week, so I have no plans to write 50K in November. Instead, I am soaking in a few books on writing and history and preparing a few outlines to see what to work on next.

The solid outline & not posting the story publicly until the draft is completed or well past the point when the end is in sight. Basically, each book for me has a long climb upward, then a fun slide to the ending. Once I start sliding, I can post publicly, because I am sure to finish.

Word count alone.

Beat Sheets from Save the Cat, Writes a Novel. Even when not followed to the T, the structured approach attracts attention to the importance of the MIDDLE of the story, and giving it enough twists and turns. It makes me work harder on making sure the story is not rushed.

I am finishing editing & posting of the Winners Don’t Have Bad Days. It’s a contemporary heartwarming winter romance about two odd-ball NA characters. Mike’s overweight and is secretly a binge-eater. Daya is haunted by failure in a competitive athletic field. They can lead each other straight to hell with their good intentions… or help one another reset their lives after that post-graduation slump when life just doesn’t go as promised by the over-optimistic teachers etc.


I’ve wrote a diary right here in WP to keep track of how far I’ve come. It has my goals, my daily achievements and quotes to get me through. I also track my bad moments. It has actually helped keep mr focused. So has reaching out on social media by #NaNoWriMo2019 and found other writers and began chatting with each other to motivate each other!

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I really don’t like the saying “Write every day” because it’s ableist (some people can’t physically write every day) and it’s full of privilege (some people can’t spare the time between multiple jobs, school, family obligations: humans need sleep!) and though Nanowrimo (Nation Novel Writing Month) encourages authors to try to write 50k in a month, it isn’t about writing the 50k, but setting good writing habits and building writing community (like this awesome one!). For me, I try to set attainable daily goals and don’t kick myself if I need a break. I have RA and that means that I’m in a lot of pain most days. So I find it easier to hit 500 words (or catch up on a missed day’s 500 words) then Nano’s suggested 1666 daily words – if i hit my goal I’m encouraged and oftentimes continue writing, but if I miss my goal, it’s discouraging and enough missed goals makes giving up all that much easier.

If I’m giving up steam it often means I’m not writing something that catches my attention so I look at my work and try to find a way to add tension (physical or emotional) to the pages. AKA. Kill a character or break their heart! When I’m invested I can’t wait for writing time! BUT sometimes I’m giving up steam because of my health. Then there are a ton of tips and tricks I use to still try to get words in:

Most of my writing is done in my mind, I let the story steep: thinking about characters and scenes and how to strengthen them. I’m happy with my productivity if I’m spending time thinking or writing. It doesn’t matter how much as long as I’m doing my best to move the story forward.

I really like the pomodorro method. Basically it’s a timer and you write for 20minutes and don’t let anything: netflix, twitter, texts, distract you from writing. Then you take a 5-10minute break and do all the socializing, and then you write for another 20 minutes. It’s amazing how much you can get done in 20 dedicated minutes.

I’m finishing up my Fat Feminist WIP. Here’s a little teaser I tweeted about it:

Thanks for hanging with the Wattpad4. I hope you all are rocking your stories and that some of my tips help. If you have any questions you know where to find me!

Rebecca Sky


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