Wattpad's New Look... That No One Asked For (I Think)



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Wattpad has a new look, but I want to know: Who asked for it? :face_with_raised_eyebrow::upside_down_face:

There’s no… Color. No life. :weary: The white background is just so bland & not creative in any way, shape, or form! :roll_eyes::unamused: Everything blends in w/ everything else. The only color are the book covers or profile pictures of users. :expressionless:

What is this silly change for, anyway?! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I’ve never been more perplexed by a company’s decision since Polyvore’s (dead fashion mood board site) parent company shut Polyvore down for a lifeless fashion company. :triumph::confused::roll_eyes:

Just… Why? :pleading_face:



I don’t know know anyone asked for the rebrand but if you want to know more information about the changes you can check it out at this thread! The Wattpad Team is working hard to update the site and tweak the site :smile_cat:


Honestly… they have lots of big problems that they should focus on but they never did. I don’t know how many people are behind this website but I am pretty sure I can give them a BIG HELP!


You can always send in a ticket for bugs and issues and I’m sure the wattpad Team will work on it when they can. :smile_cat:


I think of it not as much as wanted too, but had to. How many of us are coders? I imagine with new phones and computers and other things out on the market, they’re kind of forced too. No one has the same phone, or the same browser, or the same browser add ons and extention’s and a million of the under-the-hood things. The internet changes, it expands. Wattpad’s probably changed a lot since it first opened up, within how things work, color schemes, profile pages FOR SURE since I remember headers used to not be a thing, and your book images were tinier thumbnails than now, etc. Codes change, hosting servers change, the internet changes.

I get it, we hate change, we hate this layout. I’m sure everyone hated all the layouts of Wattpad Yesteryear but ended up liking it, or getting used to it, the same way we’ve gotten used to websites changing; they have to change. You can’t really move on to bigger and better without implementing some sort of features that are going to be wonky a while. Facebook did it, Tumblr did it. If WP didn’t change, we’d be sitting here with a fifteen year old layout with a probably dead has-been like MySpace because the bugs would’ve gotten so awful and we’d be stuck in the past, that we would’ve left WP in droves for something else that would’ve inevitably capitalized and taken its place. They’d be making changes, too.


And this right now I can see a person that doesn’t really know how it works. Let me explain. There are 3 main operational systems: Android, Apple and Windows. The adjustments are done like this: For phone and tablets which are almost the same they don’t really have much to change (talking about the codes). As website for pc I am not sure if they use HTLM or other things. I am pretty sure that the coding for the app is made in Visual Studio - C# or Java Script (more likely to be java) which are not as difficult as they seem. But if it a small team I can understand why is taking soooooo long aka months or years.


Okay, then how do you explain add ons and extentions, especially within browsers? I’ve had some installed that worked fine, and some that don’t like working with WP, but some have zero issues. There might be three main operational systems but people probably have all sorts of things installed that make certain things not work.

Not to mention on WP, not everyone is experiencing the same issues. Yeah, some might have the same mass issue, like something as universal as the color scheme, but bugs can present to some users and not others.


Those are the bugs. That means that sometimes they appear sometimes they don’t. It depends on when and what changes the programme suffers. Let me give you an example: Just the main menu page of a game is tested by 7 people more than 1 week for 6 -7 hours just to see if the program will crack. Guess what in that week the error occurred just for 2 people out of 7 in number of 120 times. The explanation was the code was not perfect it has some writing mistakes. Bare in mind the code is like a machine sometimes just seem to be perfect working but it is not.


look up


https://company.wattpad.com/work-at-wattpad/ There’s a job apply then but you have to move to Canada. Anyone who wants to help and know coding as easy peasy can try helping there then :smiley:

Also just to note people but design and bugs are different teams. :heart:


I hate it because it’s a huge sensory issue for me. There’s just way too much white, and it hurts my eyes to the point where I’m actually getting headaches! We need a dark theme or something that doesn’t require people to get premium.


Currently, many users are finding it very helpful to use Chrome or browser plugins for a dark theme. :smile_cat:


I use the app most of the time because it’s easier though. :confused:


I know this might be off topic, but I died at the mention of Polyvore! I spent so many years on there when I was a teenager. Putting together outfits that I couldn’t afford was my life haha! :joy::joy:

I get what everyones saying with Wattpad being very basic design wise though. There is a lot of the white all over the place. Where as picking a background back in the day was great!


I love it! It looks so sleek! Just my opinion :blush:


Lol :joy: I used Poly as a teen too (joined @ the worst point in my life; it was my escape). :slightly_smiling_face: It was everything to me… :weary:

Yeah, everything has been bleached to nothingness… :joy: I never knew you used to be able to change the BG - I joined in, like, 2014, I believe. :slightly_smiling_face:


Reporting Wattpad bugs became a sport for me in 2015. :joy: :joy: It took them forever to fix things. But I’ll… try. :weary: :joy:


Also, I used Polyvore myself. I liked it because I could make up outfits for my characters and dscribe them easier. So, when it died… I was upset. I recently found something that’s become a second home for many polyvore users called Shoplook if anyone is interested!


Same here. :weary:

I found this: 3 Polyvore-Like Apps (Article)

Dunno how helpful that’ll be… :weary: :joy:


Hey, try: URSTYLE

It’s got a Polyvore-ish look to it. :slightly_smiling_face: I uploaded my old sets to it. :slightly_smiling_face: