Wattpad's New Look... That No One Asked For (I Think)



Polyvore was my site until they got funky and sold the brand to someone else.


You can read Gavin’s post for more info-


It’s so sad that its shut down!:weary: It was a brilliant distraction, and a great way to fill time. So sad its gone:cry:

It really has!:joy: Yeah, it was a while ago! I’ve had a few accounts over the years, and it used to be a collage style. You could put whatever you wanted, so it was really personal


It’s not vibrant. It’s white. There’s no color.


Lol, yeah :joy:

& wow. I wish I’d seen that Wattpad. :weary::joy:


Off topic, but HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend URSTYLE. I’ve been using it since Polyvore shut down. (I was on Polyvore for 8 years). It is super sleek and amazing and includes so many nice features. I’m just waiting for an app to come.

On topic… I like the sleek look of the forums. It feels more professional to me. The only thing I hate is the shade of orange and the new logo. That font is awful. That orange is like a scarlet-orange which is the ugliest shade. But those are my thoughts… I wish they’d fix bugs and add features we’ve wanted for a while though.


You can read Gavin’s post here-


If you’re not happy with the look of any site, you should be able to get Stylish for your browser.https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/stylish/?src=search
You can get themes for a LOT of sites with Stylish:

This one has some issues, but makes the profile look pretty much like the Community dark theme:

IMO this one is better:


I use URSTYLE as well. :smiley:


I don’t hate change. I hate pointless changes that ruin my eyes.

Considering you’re making an assumption based on nothing I said, nah.

The bugs would’ve been awful 'cause WP employees are slacking, not 'cause of the layout. Besides, changing the layout could create more bugs instead.

It was only a few years, not several decades. Someone mentioned WP was different before the last layout. It can’t have been that long.

Depends on the reason.

Social media sites that are nothing like WP, a site for books (despite having comment sections/profiles & such).


I was speaking in generalized terms. Not directed at you specifically. Because, yo, MOST of us in forums is complaining about it.

On the internet, a few years is lightyears. A few years destroyed sites like MySpace.


Google docs is for writing and drafts so they changed to white you know.

Uh no? Don’t think they’re slacking but trying to fix it (takes long but they’re not being lazy or slacking to leave the problems.) and how do you know changing layout causes more bugs?

Also reminder (again):


I’ll be honest, I never noticed. It was always white for me…


They’ve offered lots of great updates on the Help Center. They’ve been working hard. Cheers to them!


This what they look like last year but then this year they just remove the blue and black and made all white. I didn’t notice either until someone pointed out. The one I notice was gmail and I kind of wish the old version (though I got use to it so I’m chill)


Is there a way to get like … the original wattpad design on Stylish? Like the light orange banner? Cause that’d be lit.


I’m not good with programing designs. Someone might do it, though.


The keyword here is “could”. I said it could cause more bugs. Don’t warp my words.

I reported a few bugs in 2015. It took 'til 2018 for them to do their 1 job. Something is off. It ruined my writing experience for years. It was a waste of time/energy. How do bugs last that long?


OMG, what was the point? Everything else was white enough. What is up w/ companies today? They keep doing stupid things.


Just downloaded that add on, do you know if there is any way to customize the theme? On some of the dark themes there’s text that isn’t changing to white so I can’t read it :disappointed_relieved: I’ll explore it more later but figured maybe you might know right away if there is a way to tweak it.