Wattpairs: Meet Your Match (SUBMISSIONS OPEN)



Day 9: my strangest writing quirk is that I can’t write without method writing. I 100% embody my characters and can start jumping around because of a tense scene that I’m channeling LOL

  1. My name is Lulu and I’m a 16 year old who wants to go into film
  2. A fanfiction based on the 100, focused on what happens after mount weather and Lexa doesn’t betray Clarke in this version.
  3. It was haunting. The cages built just for her people.
  4. Blood types and how to do a blood transfusion.
  5. Abby Griffin
  6. ‘Who we are and who we want to be are two completely different things’
  7. I write on my computer and just think ‘How would I of wanted this story to be different?’
  8. ?
  9. ?
  10. I dont really have one as it is quite a serious book.
  11. A monster calls
  12. ‘Sleep had filled her with terror. The faces of everyone who had lost and the faceless, nameless corpses of those she didn’t save.’
  13. My love of reading
  14. typed
  15. Killed people.
  16. fanficition, as it is based on characters and relationships that already exist.
  17. @authorwithapen
  18. nothing in particular, although i love donuts.
  19. the carmilla movie
  20. fanfiction or romantic comedy
  21. the first time i decorated a christmas tree,
  22. my main character only wants to do whats best for her people - she doesnt care for herself.
  23. the gruffalo
  24. her people to be happy and for lexa to be safe (deep right) although she would probably love a new paint set
  25. i think it would be ravenclaw, because she is smart and cares alot, although she isolates herself away.
  26. love simon
  27. i dont have one, as it is still in progress
  28. no, as i cant focus
  29. summer, as she always dreamed of the sun and nature when she lived in space.
  30. wynonna earp, carmilla and the 100. im into watching films, baking, photography, painting.
  31. yes, although they would be consumed with guilt immediately after.


Day 6: What is your all time favourite quote?

Same shit, different day

Day 7: How do you write?

On and off. I tend to go with the flow when things come to me. I semi plan most sections and pants the emotion, character development and all sorts of stuff.

Day 8: Your wishlist for a mentor

To be honest, I’m not sure at this present point of time. I need to dwell on it more when I make more time.

Day 9: What is your strangest writing quirk?

As for a writing quirk, I don’t really have one. If I know I’m home alone and think of a scene, sometimes I pace around and say aloud the type of dialogue I want from the scene. It doesn’t happen often, but it’s very easy to switch my mind frame into a character. It seems unusually natural for me.

Day 10: Summarize your funniest scene in your ms

I make a bizarre reference to Schrödinger’s cat and kind of make it into a paradox of itself. The MC loses his shit a little and the internal thought is hilarious


This sounds like it would actually work very well in terms of editing for flow or rhythm as you get to hear the piece and not just read it. I might have to nab this technique from you ^.^

Day 9: weirdest writing quirk?

Hmm…I don’t know if I have a strange writing quirk. Or if I do, it’s so regular now that it doesn’t seem weird.

I do find myself making the facial expressions for my characters in scenes. Not just to make sure they’re physically possible (i.e., can you really wiggle your eyebrows, etc), but also to confirm that that expression conveys the emotion they’re feeling. So if you ever see some random chick in a coffee shop or library making faces at her laptop, it’s probably just me being, well, me.


I’ve been very close to recording myself in rambling about scenes a few times too. Sometimes talking it out is better than typing :wink:


Day 8: Mentor Wishlist? Um, someone who loves historical fiction and romance, has a passion for ancient cultures, is a strict beta-reader (grammar nazis, anyone?), who doesn’t mind if there’s religion, and is not afraid of being brutally honest, but helpful at the same time.
Day 9: Strangest writing quirk? :joy: I have this weird habit of listening to music and forming a story or scene around it.
Day 10: My ms doesn’t really have funny scenes in it, that is, humorous ones… Which is strange, considering me… :thinking:


Hey I just discovered this thread ( a Little late I know hahah) should I answer all questions from day one or just start with the one from today?


Whatever you’d like!! Do whatever you’re up to or comfortable with. :smiley:


Day 11 Favorite book is The Shining Company by Rosemary Sutcliff.


Day 11: I don’t really have a favourite book, but I love Call of the Wild




Day 6: My favorite quote is from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Dumbledore says, " ‘This pain is part of being human … the fact that you can feel pain like this is your greatest strength.’ "

Day 7: My writing routine consists of pencil and paper. I have to write first on paper then slowly move to the computer. I can finish writing the chapter on my laptop. Also, I listen to instrumental music; it motivates me to continue to write. Depending on the song, I write faster (“faster pace”) or slower.

Day 8: My wishlist for a mentee? I’m apart of Team Ever After and we’ll love Romance and ChickLit/Women Fiction. Here’s a more specific wishlist link. We can’t wait to read your submissions. :smiley:

Day 9: My strangest writing quirk would be my environment. I have to get comfortable. Sometimes I move from desk to carpet floor, chair, or other places. Usually it consists of soft blankets.

Day 10: The funniest scene in my WIP (“Fake It”), for me, would be in chapter one. The two main characters meet each other. They have different expectations; bickering occurs and then they decide to part ways. However, the main female character is curious as to why he showed up. He says an inappropriate reason, and in the end, she pours something hot all over him. It’s a surprise. It made me laugh because as the writer, I didn’t know my character want to do it until I wrote it.

Day 11: Favourite book? Goodness, that’s a hard one! I’ll have to say “Howl’s Moving Castle” by Diana Wynne Jones. :heart: :slight_smile:


Schrodinger’s cat is something I love to discuss. Its such an interesting way to describe paradox’s.


Day 11: I don’t really have an all time favorite–it’s more of which is my current most liked.

The Winter King by C.L. Wilson is my current favorite ^.^ It’s a fantasy standalone. (I know what you’re thinking. “But Cayleigh, fantasy’s can’t be standalone!” to which I’d reply, “oh, but they can, dear child. And they’re fabulous.”).


Day 12: Ihave quotes I’m fond of:
We will care for him, until he no longer needs us. We will protect him, until his claws are sharp enough to defend himself. We will fight for him, until he can fight his own battles.
Or “Forgive what my last holds, and live when I cannot.”


Day 12: My favorite line in my MS (Fake It):

In Chapter Zero:

“Cassidy preferred the name Sugar.”

I’m not for sure why I’m in love with that sentence. I think it’s because I rewrote that line so many times. Until finally, this sentence was born. :heart:


Those quotes are amazing! :heavy_heart_exclamation: Love it!


I’ll occasionally jot things down on Post-Its if they’re by me. But I’m so scatterbrained that I usually end up just jotting notes down I can never find again.




Lol, that’d be awesome. Or, like, two students who have different classes but are assigned the same text book who write letters to each other inside. I’m so doing that!