Watty Rules We’re Confused On: Mods Welcome To Come And Clarify!

Okay, so some things are crystal clear, but there are a few rules that were worded in a way that leaves us feeling a bit baffled. Someone brought this up in another thread, and that is ‘submissions’.

In the FAQ, it states once you’ve submitted, that is the story you are submitted and it cannot be updated or changed. HOWEVER, this part is in the section discussing what we can do after the contest closes for judging.

Not only is this part a little too vague for our liking, but it also begs the question: Can we update and change and have it not count toward what we entered or does all work on the book come to a screeching halt?


Jumping in here to also say: A lot of people are still waiting on an answer to the cross-posting question as well. Do we have to remove our works from other sites to be eligible?


Another person (or maybe the same person. I have the memory of a goldfish) stated that it appears that short stories cannot enter this year unless they are a part of a larger anthology.

While I don’t have a short story, it doesn’t seem right that every genre that’s officially part of Wattpad (and a couple that are not) are allowed except for this, including poetry.


As I recall from reading yesterday, I don’t think the book can be available on any other writing platform, no.


I never realised you only submitted what you had so far, and if you update, that won’t get judged. That freaked me out, as my book is ~3 chapters away from completion. I truly hope there is a way to fix this, to have those included too (when they are published).


This one leaves me especially confused, because they seem to be talking about once it’s closed for judging, it cannot be changed, but it was worded in a way that made it appear they were talking about when it was submitted.

That whole part should be rewritten to clarify.


Yes, you can update after submitting. However, once you do submit, your story can possibly be judged right away, so it’s recommended to upload all chapters, you want to be seen and make all edits you’re planning to make and polish your story as well as you can and then submit.
Parts, that are uploaded after your submission will not be considered.


…Well that is an issue. There goes my one shot at winning the Wattys


Where was this confirmed? I’ve seen no official response yet.

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After it closes for judging.


Why? What’s your update schedule, if you have one? You mentioned you only had about three chapters left before your story us complete, you can just complete it and upload all chapters before August and then enter just right before submissions close.


I saw it yesterday on their official site, but can’t figure out what section I saw it in.

I’ll ask about the cross-posting for you because I’ve been wondering as well. I’ll get back to you once I get an answer.

I submitted last night as soon as I could, knowing that there’s 7 weeks until judging started. I update every week, so I knew that I’d be long done before then - or so I thought.


They could have had a lot of people asking for clarification because it was worded strangely and they decided to change the wording.

I don’t know. I know I read it there yesterday, but it appears to be gone.

The way I understand it is that they are judging throughout the submission period. So if you submitted yesterday, they could be looking at it right now. Or there could’ve been so many submissions that they aren’t looking at it until a few weeks from now. But wherever the story is when they pull it up, that’s what they’re judging.

That’s what I took from it and one of Nick’s answers seemed to confirm that. But don’t quote me on that.


Welp. I’m screwed. Oh well.

I don’t think so. You still filled out the logline and summary based on the entire story. And I’m not sure about how you draft and edit, but from speaking to you, I doubt your story is a grammatical mess.


Hmm. I’ve released about 1/3 of my story so far, but I am releasing two chapters a week (2000-4000 words).

What does this mean for me?

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Did you already submit your story?

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