Wattys 2018 Longlist Data

As the Wattys season approaches, I though I would repost the Longlist Data I compiled from Wattys 2018.

Use this data to help you prepare your entries for this year.

A lot of this data nullifies the following complaints heard last season:

Misconceptions about The Wattys

♕ Only the most popular win

♕ A certain number of stories from each genre are selected

♕ It’s rigged

♕ Being an ambassador gives you an edge

♕ Only a bot chose the Longlist

♕ If I don’t make the Longlist, Shortlist, or Winners List, my story is awful.

♕ I can’t enter a story I started before the new awards date.

Truths about The Wattys

♕ What they’re looking for changes each year (well, some of it).

♕ The categories change each year.

♕ In 2018, The Wattys were specifically looking “to reflect the vibrancy and diversity of our global community.” [BEHIND THE WATTYS]

♕ You can enter a story you started before the new awards date. You just have to have written five new chapters since that time. Some stories were submitted and made the Longlist in 2018 that were first published in 2014!

♕ AI software does cull the 251K+ entries in English for the judges, but humans do review the stories it selected. [According to The Wattys 2018 book, AI was used to determine the caliber of grammar and the frequency of spelling errors.]

♕ Being an ambassador has no bearing on selection (many were not chosen).

♕ They give hints in The Wattys book what they are looking for.

♕ You could have an excellent story, but it’s not what they’re looking for this year.

♕ HQ listens to feedback: result—we have a Longlist for the first time in 2018 due to feedback.

♕ They were selecting books, regardless of genre, that best meet the requirements of their categories and that they could market through Wattpad Studios. (primarily)

♕ Most of the judges were from Wattpad Studios.

Graphics to follow in the posts below.

Wattys 2018 Shortlist Data is here:


Thank you so much for all of this! It’s all really helpful. Do you, or anyone else, have any tips on how to prepare for the Wattys this year?

  • Run every chapter through Grammarly

  • Make sure each chapter has an end-of-chapter hook

  • Make sure your MC is identifiable, one that the reader identifies with right away.


I’m so happy you’re doing this again this year :muscle:


I’ll repost short list data once we have some traction on this thread.

Then I’ll post my winners data, which I’ve never posted before.


I am here for the data and the graphs :heart_eyes:

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I am here trying to scroll down and reply to the last comment after reading the graphics. XD

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Please keep doing so. :grin:

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How does the data bode for Stories written after August of the Watty entry date?

(Because I plan on entering the first story in my Trilogy this year if criteria matches)

Personal experience, the story I wrote in the weeks for Wattys and first posted in July 2018 made the longlist. If my chapter 4 had had an end-of-chapter hook, it might have made the short list. Other than that, I’ll have to filter results and get back to you.

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Genuine question, does the bot scanning for grammar and spelling account for fantasy, and similar genres? That’s a genre where you get a lot of made-up words, and names, and sometimes entire languages. Would a bot see that, not recognize it as English, and throw it out?


I don’t know. My book made it through, and it had a bunch of Star Wars specific words in it. Maybe slide your eyes through the second chapter of my book (where a lot of the weird words appear) and see what you think. (Turning Point)

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Do you mean after August 31, 2017, or as soon as the Wattys season date started?

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I don’t know. I published the story I want to enter in September of last year, so I was wondering how stories did after the 31st of August I guess.

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602 of the 786 longlist stories were published after 31 August 2017, roughly 76% of all Longlisters.


Understood. Will keep fingers crossed then. :slight_smile:

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♕ You can enter a story you started before the new awards date. You just have to have written five new chapters since that time. Some stories were submitted and made the Longlist in 2018 that were first published in 2014!

can i just ask for some clarification on this? i was planning on submitting my story for the wattys this year and i’ve been updating multiple times a week to try and get everything uploaded so i can mark it as completed. would that mean it wouldn’t be eligible for the wattys 19, and i should hold off on completion?


It changes in my experience. My first year you only had to have 3 new chapters posted after a certain date. Last year it was 5.

I’d wait until the rules are published. (Which will probably be on June 1st)


that’s not long to wait, then! hope my readers don’t get too pissed at me returning to one chapter a week lmao, for the past 5 days i’ve updated every single day. :grimacing: