Wattys 2019 - Countdown!

Hi everyone!


It’s getting closer and closer to Watty season for 2019, and I for one have a few books that I’m considering entering. I’m curious to hear your thoughts about the Wattys and see what kinds of books you all are considering submitting!

Share your book for the Wattys if you like, get a little feedback and recognition here before the competition picks up, or get opinions from people on the covers, titles and blurbs that might help draw judges to pick your book for the longlist/shortlist!

Let’s have a WattyTalk? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@DomiSotto I saw you were entering the Wattys from a post on your wall (I’m a creepy stalker) so I thought you might be interested in this. :slight_smile: Ignore if not!


I’m planning on entering the Wattys. Can I post too? :stuck_out_tongue:


Of course. :smiley: I haven’t seen many people talking about them yet, but I also haven’t been ganging around the forums too much lately. Too much to write, too little time! :laughing:

What book are you thinking of entering?

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My current story, The Alpha’s Flame, soon to be renamed to something along the names of Blaze in the Darkness, Bottled book 1. It’s a high fantasy story, so I hope I have a shot, fantasy being one of the biggest genres.

Let me just go full plugging and post the cover and blurb and such. Both need to be changed/improved, though the cover looks good.


Being forcefully stuffed into an enchanted bottle was not what Zanixa had in mind for her future.

When the mage that kept her as a part of his collection suddenly died, everything she had known for two and a half centuries was turned upside down. Her bottle is sold to Oscen, an Alpha who thinks that she is but an illusion.

After the bottle is opened, no one expected to see a living firefox kit. The pack adopts her, but none are too happy to have a fox in their midst. Will she find her momma or will the pack finally accept her?



Ah, what a great idea!

Why not both of them? They both look good. Or can you only enter one?


Whoa, that sounds amazing! :o I kinda want to read it now, too… is it a romance at all? I love the cover and what a unique story idea.

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You can enter any and all eligible. Aka any that have had five chapters added since August 2018


Haha good point. For some reason I was thinking you could only enter one…

Thank you!

I’ve also been having trouble deciding what genre the Perils of Presumption fits into.

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This is mine. I’m not too happy with the blurb, but attempts at rewrites have been… bad.


Because you’re different
Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/175919565-because-you’re-different

What if your body doesn’t always do what you want it to do?

For June, this isn’t a question, but a daily reality. As a fourteen-year-old with cerebral palsy, frequently dropping stuff and being stared at by complete strangers is nothing out of the ordinary. Other than that, life is great, until her parents decide to move to California.

With all her friends miles away and nobody there to protect her from boys stealing your lunch, school becomes a lot more complicated than it had been. Then, she befriends Sam Redstone, a shy boy who’d always been invisible to others.

June’s days improve drastically with Sam by her side, and when she meets his older brother Nathan, she finally believes her cousin Valentina might have been right about sexy California guys. Slowly, she and Nathan develop a unique friendship, one that, June finds herself hoping, might someday turn into something more. But as the years go by, she’s starting to think she might never be with him that way, or any other man for that.


The ah… The title is clickbait for the romance-craving audience of Wattpad. But I believe I can shed the clickbait, that the story is strong enough to stand on its own legs without “lies” in the title.


Erin, I like you very much, but why did you name your MC after a month?

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Ooh! This is on my reading list! <3 The blurb doesn’t seem bad to me, it definitely made me want to read it haha.

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Lots of people are named June!


Haha I am a romance craving audience member and it worked on me! But I think it does sound like a strong story for sure.

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Mine is still ongoing and may not meet chapter requirements (I don’t know what they are) but I have 11+ competed and only three posted. I update 3x a week so by the time I apply I might meet them
Title: Felix Stone and the Ten Truths
Blurb: “Truth is forever,” and don’t you forget it.

The Ten Truths are a merciless, clandestine organization that trains members from a young age to spread their Truths. Felix Stone is a member, and as he rises in the ranks, he finds himself questioning where he comes from and what his true mission is. No one has ever left the Truth alive, but he can’t stay there anymore. With no one on his side, Felix Stone is left with an impossible course of action; but he’d rather die than stay a part of the Truth.


Oh, genre, that’s a tough one… Have you tried asking your readers?

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I have a pet peeve against names such as Tuesday, Summer, June, Friday, Opalescence, Raven, the likes. What happened to the good old Sara and Anna? Where have Chloe and Samantha gone? What is this with the months, the days, the animals and the birds?

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No, that’s a good idea though. I just feel bad using announcements for stuff like that haha.

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