✨ Wattys Support Group: Summary Edition ✨

Okay folks, summaries. We gotta do them for this year’s Wattys, so let’s get a critique circle going.

A summary is the 500 word recap of what happens in your story - you’re supposed to spoil EVERYTHING, also the ending.

1. Critique the summary above yours - in-depth (no vague “it’s really good :slightly_smiling_face:” stuff)

2. Receive critiques on yours after.

And those are the rules. We’re all here to support and help each other out :muscle:

Remember: Do not submit your work before you’re ready to be judged. You can’t edit your submission form either. So don’t press the “submit” button before you’re 100% done.

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Get them summaries up there, guys! :muscle:

oops, I had posted blurb instead of summary for Wattys application.


This is very helpful! Why not summaries and taglines too?


It’s thrilling and definitely interesting for me at least, but it’s too short for the Wattys and you didn’t mention what the book is gonna be about. For the Wattys, it’s best to write around 500 words. It was mentioned in the rules.


Nathan gets kidnapped by a decimated werewolf pack. I’m almost done with the book and still have no idea how else to summarize the stupid thing.


So for a summary you have to spoil EVERYTHING. This is more like a blurb. Also why we get 500 words to write them :smile:


Poor little Nathan :broken_heart:
Summarizing an ongoing book can be hard. Good luck!


Please follow the rules of the thread - I’ll have to remove your comment.

Fray - Community Ambassador :frog:

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oh I guess I misread :frowning:

This is for summaries :joy:

I’ll make another for taglines later!

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Awesome =D

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No problem! Let’s get them entry forms whipped into shape! :muscle:

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@AWFrasier are you wanting summaries or blurbs?

Let’s :muscle:

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Summaries! For the Wattys entry form :smile:

yeah but what i uploaded was my summary I just forgot to read the summary above…

Yes - it’s a critique circle.

Like the top post says:

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