✨ Wattys2019 Support Group ✨

It’s Watty season and with that comes a lot of stress, happiness, hype and general excitement.

Last year @poznati made the amazing Wattys Support Group thread, so I’ll carry on the torch and make another this year.

Do you have any grievances? Is the logline killing you? How’s the editing going? Are you a maniac and writing a full submission in less than two months? Do you just really need a hug?

:sparkles: Come in here and get supported! :sparkles:

:musical_note: :musical_note: :musical_note: :musical_note: :musical_note: :musical_note: :musical_note: :musical_note: :musical_note: :musical_note: :musical_note:

Shake yo’ hand back and forth to let the energy out
Stick out yo’ bouncin’ booty; move it all about
Stand up, squat down so your legs don’t fall asleep
When you’re working on word counts you’re trying to beat
Raise yo’ arms so you don’t get carpal tunnel
While writing so much feels yo’ brain’s in a funnel
Sway side to side when you’re feelin’ that groove
'cuz you know to write you gotta MOVE!

instrumental music and some yeah yeahs

This is the Wattys (what) and we ain’t goin’ down
We’re Wattpad writers; we own this town
We’re tired, stressed, but our writing ain’t shoddy
Now who of us is ready to WIN THAT WATTY?

Remember: Do not submit your work before you’re ready to be judged. You can’t edit your submission form either. So don’t press the “submit” button before you’re 100% done.

Get help with your summary:

Get help with your genre:

Stay Positive!

Join the WritePosi Wattys Bootcamp :sparkles: HERE :sparkles:

For all the information about the Wattys go :sparkles:HERE:sparkles:


We back, baby.


I suck.


No, my anxiety wouldn’t allow that.



Yaaaasss! :sunglasses: Time to get yo support on!

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All the hugs. All of them, getting sent to you. All of them. :sparkles:



I’ll be keeping an eye on this thread to make sure you didn’t keep any hidden for anyone else! :eyes:

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wattys 2019!

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I need to polish my story… all 54k words of it. And also write a plot summary.

I need some petting.

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That’s my secret.

My hug amount is unlimited!


WATTYS!!! :call_me_hand:

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My regards. Editing is a hellhole (’:

All the pets! :raised_hand:

Especially if you’re dealing with battle scenes.

*purrs* What about you?

Yyyyyup. Got a new story I’m starting next week. Good times.



Mate, how.


I’m just confused about what genre to put my story as. It’s primary genre is werewolf, but that’s not an option on the Watty form


I just really want to know how people get inspired by the Wattys so I can get in that mindset. What about Wattys season gets everyone so amped up and confident?

I was feeling really good about everything but it took a nosedive once the Wattys were announced and the hype started. I want to know what other people are focused on that keeps them confident instead of getting insecure?


Because I love the pressure. :joy: You gotta test yourself at crunch time.


Oh dear christ, lord knows I have my issues with battle scenes. And I write Action Fantasy :joy:

I’m just procrastinating on the summaries for two of my submissions tbh. I can’t be bothered to do them right now and I should probably reread both of them to see what actually happens. Because I’ve forgotten.