We need a section for 'recently opened'

So I’ve noticed that many times we forget to add a book to out library or a reading list, we exit out the app, and the book we were reading is basically lost forever.

I think if wattpad added a little section with ‘recently opened’ or ‘recently viewed’ or something, it would be a lot of help.

I remember seeing something similar some time ago, where it would show you the last book you were reading on your main homepage, but I can’t remember if it was the last book you opened from your library or in general.

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Hmmm… Well, I know on the app (at least on an android device) it pulls up a tab on the bottom that says ‘Continue Reading’ with the last book I had open in the link.

That being said, I don’t think that it does the same thing if you are going directly to the website through the internet, on a laptop for example as that is what I am usually on, but then again I have a link to my profile saved in my favorites, so I’m not going to the website homepage when I open it up.

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Ok so that’s probably what I saw, but the last time I saw it was before the paid stories program came out so like idk (I have an iPhone). Does your continue reading section also have book that you didn’t add to your library?

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I wouldn’t know, if I intend to continue a story I add it to my ‘currently reading’ reading list so that I can find it when I’m on my laptop. Hang on, I’ll pull up the app and see if it works.

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Yup, it worked with a book not in my library. And no, it doesn’t advertise another book, just offers the one I last opened.

Well then post cancelled ig. I got a ‘continue reading’ option at the bottom but like, it was only from my library so that must be different.

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I’ve never got the continue reading for non-library books before. But I agree! Wattpad needs a history tab. I don’t really search for books now, but I remember I was really enjoying this book and the app crashed. I couldn’t find it, despite knowing the name :frowning: It was well over a year before I found it again because of Wattpad’s “recommendation” system.