We Need More Friends 13.0



Welcome to the ‘We need more friends 13.0’ thread!

Hello there!

I really can’t believe we’re at the 13th thread already! IT IS because of you people!
I’m really grateful to everyone who’s been a part of this thread and kept it alive, we wouldn’t have been here without all of you :blush: And now we’re a big family and it’s just amazing how this family keeps growing.

That’s the end of the heart-touching speech, my friend. Now, what are you waiting for? Come on in! Join us and you’ll probably never regret it, and if you’re already a member, Do I even need to tell you that?


Credit for the very first thread goes to @PurpleReborn


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Previous thread killers:


Thirteenth Doctor

yes this is my pfp and yes I’m too lazy to search a better picture
Idea by @VIBE311253


It’s the 13th doctor thread!!!


Hello, hoomans.


kitty, kitty!







*purrs* Meow, the area integral of the electric field over any closed surface is equal to the net charge enclosed in the surface divided by the permittivity of space.


scratches head

Ahh, one of the first formulae I learnt this year


Meow, smart kid.


Hi everyone! 13.0 already?


The last one didn’t end yet


new one?


Oooh ready for Christmas Matze? :slight_smile:
And no, the last one isn’t dead yet… I’ll tag everyone here when it is


How many k is it at?


A little.


Around 50 comments left


I’ll go over there then, help kill the thread.


You guys are fast! Even faster than Sonic the Hedgehog…