We Need More Friends 13.0



A rainy day in at a cafe while writing is the best


The big island (and before anyone asks what the name is…THATS THE NAME…the big island) :joy::rofl:


Mele Kalikimaka is the thing to say on a bright Hawaiian Christmas day


Ah, yes, I have some relatives on The Big Island. And Maui.


Ugh! I can’t drive, but those artsy pictures on pinterest of laptops at the coffee shop…thats the dream.


Wow, small world! :slight_smile:


So true!


cold where r u from


Yeah! I live in Cali, though. I used to visit Hawaii more when I was younger.


How old are you? I’m 16 almost 17


I’m in Georgia, so I know it’s not as cold as it is in other places but to me anything is cold


I’m 19 almost 20. But I look like a 12 yr old. :confused: :shrug:




u read comics


Dont we all.


XD OMG Really??


Hahaha this is so funny to watch, you guys should have a writing sesh lol


Totally :slight_smile:


we r in the same boat my face, height, and voice makes me appear like a toddler


yea this morning I look outside and super cold and frosty