We Need More Friends 13.0



Wow yeah, and then all those makeup commercial saying “make you look younger” and I’m like nooo thank you. Ima look like a baby then :joy:


I lol’ed BAHAHA


Also, I followed you! Lol


I’m 35. Pretty sure I’m the oldest dude that’s on this thread. Lol


Yes i do!


I also have a closing statement and a devils advocate


Cool! Ima follow you back, hold on.






Yeah, i think you are


lol, old man (joking)


Yeah, the cold is not my favorite thing… I love the heat


looking at shows like riverdale and pretty little liars me cringe cause no one looks like in high school


Hi Vibe! I’m Katie!


Heya Katie
How’s life?


Oh my god, but Wattpad is worse because we all imagine the love interest to be super hot and then we’re left lonely because of our high standards lmao


Fantastic! I love December. Hot chocolates the move.


the odds of it snowing this year is high what county r u in


I’m one stamp away from a free hot chocolate on my loyalty card!!


Gwinnett. How about you?