We Need More Friends 13.0







I’ve rewritten my statement like five times…


I have a whole box filled with random comics plus I live super far from my favorite comic store so im out of comic loop


Yes! Free hot chocolate is even better. The world loves free stuff


Wut statement?


@einlauffeuer has a presentation in their debate class




True that!


I live close to one, but I’m broke


throw me out a window I use to live in Gwinnettt now im in Newton


We’re in the same boat. :rofl:


This is so cool!


Just think of it like nobody wins - nobody loses. Whatever you settle with will be fine, school is to learn, whatever happens, you will learn. You can also ask the teacher afterward what you need to work on and what you could’ve done, etc.


Is that a good thing or a bad thing?


Being broke? I’d say bad considering there are like a million glossier products I want and their all so expensive.


And i have to do Christmas shopping!


I have $3.46 in my paypal account. BAHAHA


ur doing better than me


I have €6.20 in cash and i have to buy loads of presents