We Need More Friends 13.0



$4.20, in paypal, lol!




have u ever been up to Atlanta


Does anyone here watch Shane Dawson?


DIY everything! LOL


sis love me some shane


I’m following you just because you said that. :joy:


Yeah, we go as a family, mostly for the Varsity


Home made cards ftw!!!


Sorry Bee! I’ve been busy. Hope you and everyone has been doing well in my absence :slight_smile:


oof i didnt see me but ok lol


??? wut


I go every now and again but its a major drive last time I was out there was for birthday party at kids museum ever been to stonecrest


oh nvm internet is slow lol i wouldnt show me


did u see the video of shane’s new house


I’ve never been there


Yes! I honestly loved the movie theater idea! The whole video just made me super happy for them and all the work they’ve done.

Though I think Ryland’s going to be the family channel and Shane will be ‘that dad’ that makes conspiracy videos until 2045…but honestly I’m okay with it.


stonescrest mall


a lot of people say ryland piggybacking of shane


Nope. I go to Northpoint mall or mall of Georgia