We Need More Friends 13.0



What do you think? I personally think Ryland’s great for him, and Shane says he has good intuition so I believe him if he says Rylands not using him.

To be honest we dont really see the real Ryland, we see a heightened version of him and I don’t think anyone should judge based off that.


yea northpoint be lit but that way to far from where I am I got some college football stuff out of there once but I like northpoint to @bookwolfsilver









most def like we really dont see that much of ryland true colors but as long as he doesn’t break shane’s heart im cool with it


I’m good


The only chip company that doesn’t promote half air half chips.


wish i could be better


Cans are better than bags!


I just want them to get a goat and invite Erika over already


Don’t we all


Unpopular opinion lol


Yeah but cans mean that when you carry them in backpacks the contents don’t get squished


True! Oh my gosh I never thought about that lol

I do online school lol so I could just go in my kitcen and grab them…but thats a good point :rofl:


I always sneak pringles into the cinema cos the food is so overpriced


@bookwolfsilver U there




But then there is the problem of the fact that cinema popcorn always tastes so much better than any other type