We need more friends 20.0


Welcome to the ‘We Need More Friends 20.0’ Thread

We’ve come such a long way, welcoming new people along the way, making them a part of our family as we did(willingly or unwillingly is not what matters).
We welcome you once more to our little space on wattpad where we talk, we chat, we fight(only some), we procrastinate and have loads and loads of fun. You wouldn’t even realize when a new topic starts which could be anything ranging from a harmless book to a semi cancerous debate to a send nudes type of convo. The best part is that since it’s wild and unpredictable you’ll never feel bored. Unless I’m not here. Idk but I feel like if I die then this whole thing dies. Unfortunately, my days are coming to an end. The first chill breeze hitting the blackhead covered nose as an army marches towards Helms Deep. The sound of the HornBurg echoing and the community lining up in formation outside the gate.


Curious why you were tagged?

Maybe you passed in the threads, maybe you carried on conversations, maybe you have never seen them before, but everyone tagged here commented in the "I need more friends" thread, and we'd like to invite you to the new and improved version!

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Pretend there is some badass Aztec theme coding here

I wanted to use this to record the ones who managed to kill the thread thus far. I will only record the one who posted the last message before being shut down. There will be an honorable mention at the end.

killer of threads

Original thread killer: @Chewton
Killer of 2.0: @PurpleReborn
Killer of 3.0: @SVTSwrites
Killer of 4.0: @Eddy_the_ghost
Killer of 5.0: @PurpleReborn
Killer of 6.0: @Poamzi48585
Killer of 7.0: @PaleAire
Killer of 8.0: @Poamzi48585
Killer of 9.0: @TheMidnightBreeze
Killer of 10.0: @PurpleReborn
Killer of 11.0: @Chewton
Killer of 12.0: @matzeztam
Killer of 13.0: @niivar
Killer of 14.0: @VIBE311253
Killer of 15.0: @niivar
Killer of 16.0: @RuggedEdge
Killer of 17.0: @the_jeIIy
Killer of 18.0: @SVTSwrites
Killer of 19.0: @berryhonest
Killer of 19.1: It’s active
Killer of 19.2: @akatsuki_2041

Special mentions: Those who spam the hell out of the threads whenever the new one is made. Thank you for your contribution in our society lol.


voting time

2019 We Need More Friends Presidential Election

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  • Gonzo
  • Isaias
  • P.R. Gonzo
  • PurpleReborn On Ice

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Number 20 already?


hello :slight_smile:


How are you




oooooooh uyyetsghjk


Hi Berry


hi hi


Yup after 2 fries lol


Good. Just finished writing.


heyllo again


Hi… the first drama that happened tonight was horrible


how are you?