We need more friends 20.0




hehe, you all are too nice to me. how are ya?


You are rose? We have Rose here too :grin:


Aw! That is such an adorable name!

I speak Spanish so lol


Oh nice! My high school had the most pathetic library lol. My middle school one was way better.


cucumber :cucumber:


Me too.


beat that


Oh girl I thought you were in an actual high school. You are definately going to survive the four years. How does homeschool work?!


really? thank you! i was 10 when i got her. so my logic was “she’s small. she shall be named small.”


:0 no pls dont beat me!


Of course. I wuv You. :heart:




My school library is pretty awesome.

And can I vent?


Esta bien. The Spanish I know is a weird mix of different countries plus I took medieval Spanish lit in college. It’s a mess.


They better not beat you >:0


Nice to officially meet you Rosie!!


i wuv you too!


I’m not gonna beat her. :joy:


protect me uwu