We need more friends 20.0


Good luck!!! You got dis!


Mexico up?




my family and close friends always call me flaquita. and they call me sister gorda XD


i wanna know!!!


Hey she’s my wife m8


yeah lmfao.


I wish I have an actual cute name.

I am usually called “Rei.” (The character written in Japanese for “beauty”). But my actual name says differently and way more flattering if I was a man, haha.

Because my actual name meant “strength/“manly.”


but i love you too lena! you’re my granny after all.


yes yes i’m yours




Hey girls can be strong. I am woman. Hear me ROAR.


please don’t cry! that makes me sad :frowning:


Close. In this context it’s upper Mexico


rawr waves my short arms around


ssh sh mexican




It’s a very masculine name in Japanese, haha. It’s hardly used for a female.

I went to a Japanese festival once, and my family wrote each other’s names on a paper fan. They weren’t sure what to write for me, so they wrote both. Beauty and strength.


pet pet


I like cats too.

I wanna pet a kitty!