We need more friends 20.0


No. I like his pfp!


sweet beeee :orange_heart:


A day without laughter is a day wasted hahaok


I know. I’m always right, lol :grin::joy:


i was summoned?


Hru, love? :grin:


great, ready to kick katherines ass ab the roleplay thing when @TheRedRose17 comes back. :smile:


no, but it’s nice to see you.


that was just the taglist, but hii


Hey everybody, what’s going on? I’m counting down until the movie Glass hit theaters. I hope M. Night Shyamalan doesn’t mess this up.




Who’s Katherine?


yeah i wish someone would summon me:-( its been about 100,000,000 years sense i was summoned


i’d summon you but that sounds like i’d have to get up from the couch.
no thanks, i’d have to leave my blanket and it’s freezing cold.
the heating system sucks.


the ambassador always giving warnings to @berryhonest and ruining our wedding @TheRedRose17


Ahhhhh. Is it the role play thing? I just found out about it today


all you have to do is turn all your lights off because im a god of darkness <.<


the lights are already off.
the blinds are open though…


yeaaa it was ;-;


maybe a demon summoned you then