We need more friends 20.0


Awwwe!! Thank you!!! :slight_smile:


that was me last year… :frowning: they were so mean. last year was probably the worst year ever. it’s crazy how people can change you!


Yeah this was 2 years ago now. I was in a lab that had a toxic environment. I hated myself for falling into that, you know? Blah. I’m in a much better place now. Glad you are too!


you’re too nice to me lena.

i’m glad you’re doing okay! make sure to get some rest. i’m cuddling with my doggo!! and my horrible cough is going away :slight_smile:


hehe, not an actual bee, but my friend Bee!! she was lurking o.o


Your new mom doggo? Hope everyone is doing well! And thank goodness for that. Coughs can stick around forEVER


it’s okay, it’s good to know that I am getting old. Awww Lena? I am guessing Lena is scienceontheweekdays, correct? You are definately going to survive high school. You seem like a really sweet person :grin:


Lol. You caught me :joy: :hearts:


They say people who swear are more honest o.o


Yeah, excatly happened to me. By junior year, I isolated myself from all the negative people because I didn’t want to be like them.


Yes, I’m Lena :smiley: You can also call me Sci or something like that though, since it’s easier!


They say swearing is a sign of poor vocabulary


no, my mom doggo is an outside dog! my baby doggo! (she’s 5, but she’s still my wittle baby) last night she was having a nightmare and she kept whimpering haha. yes they can!! it’s been around 2 weeks since i’ve had this cough :persevere:




Good good! Unfortunately it can happen when you’re older too :confused:


yes, that is lena!! aww, thank you. i hope i do survive. i’m homeschooled after all so i shouldn’t be complaining XD


Hi Sci-Pie. Hru Mumsie? :grin:


Get in here and talk, beautiful Bee! :smiley:


So many doggos! What’s this one’s name?


AHHH lol I thought it was an actual bee :rofl::rofl: