We need more friends 24.0



Welcome to the ‘We need more friends 24.0’ thread!

Hello there!

I’m really grateful to everyone who’s been a part of this thread and kept it alive, we wouldn’t have been here without all of you :blush: And now we’re a big family and it’s just amazing how this family keeps growing.

As much as I respect and love you all, I definitely do not want this thread being closed on account of it not being pg 13. So please mind that, take this as a warning if you will.
And this is the part I never add but apparently, I have to now.

1)Follow the community guidelines. Always and forever. (Club Guidelines)
2)Keep the discussion PG-13.
3)Try not to be rude to people
4) Please keep in mind that this is a public thread, so whatever you post(pictures, personal info) is visible to everyone. Be careful about what you share.
5) Enjoy your stay!

Now, what are you waiting for? Come on in! Join us and you’ll probably never regret it, and if you’re already a member, Do I even need to tell you that?

Love, Tanz(@Chewton )

Credit for the very first thread goes to @PurpleReborn

We Need More Friends V.25

(I've updated the list to the people who actually come here, if I've deleted someone's name by mistake, tell me and I'll add it.
Also, if anyone wants to be added to the new taglist, just tag me in your comment)

@PurpleReborn @dreams_i_have @REALBVO @Lady_Annabelle @jolyne @angelusanimi27 @CC_iz_ShapeShifter @quillofkarnika @Lonni_love @lolaalvilivi @freckledtears @VIBE311253 @autmnspring @SilentPlume @DairyQueens @justanyonee @MissPataka @artycer @converse1036754 @King-Princess @_brebabe @Benita_16 @Thatpotatocorn @chidochemwari @Kujo_Jotaro @Rosethedeliquent96 @xFakingaSmilex @Eilfen @teenagegirlwrites @KrystalM @crystaIIise @milkshakesunday @PDJames @iamrosyydimples @matzeztam @SarahWeaver6 @kaichristopher @TheSmuttyEmpress @ElizaWards @Paris_is_Everything @RoyalGrunge @Ariador @gaspsean @lilkimxox @be_butterfly @cmroth76 @ZwarteLibelle @_Sdlagg @MisterImmortal @Finding-Her @m_gaspary @peach2100 @Melizza_24 @stpolishook @Ellen_Reese @oldeamamo @Redhead168 @Fatty_Catty @MidnightsDarling @imjustawriter17 @AGMeira @poetiic_justiice @florianraven @Poamzi48585 @shadowsettle @Tostrongtocry @GerodieBella @MisssssCurious @SilentPlume @JackSpeedy @AzureMercury @InkyPaperPassion @Eddy_the_ghost @boundlessbreeze @AlexisWilliams @Les4life @silverdream88 @Gigibold @llamacorn_epic @TolleJSmith @oasis_soul @Azmavath @man_yellow @TheMadHatter_130502 @Jigglypuff_666 @lauradiamond12 @JJJ000YYY @Salintha @darkoutcasts @michellecables @sdash99 @TheTrueTerrydactyl @Tacdelen @thisisRoy @PaleAire @CharleesCorner @Lou_Lou @Gabrilynx @MisterTent @SaintCole @ElmiraNight @Scienceontheweekdays @DemetriJohnson @edanmorez @therealmystique @Ryo_Leo @ThisisLawliet123
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We need more Friends 23.0


Nice background


thanks Po :slight_smile:


You’re welcome


I see you were successful


So I take it that you have just kept up the thread @Chewton


it’s hard to let go :slight_smile:


not yet…but I’m going to sleep so…


I meant in creating the new thread :sweat_smile:


ooh,then yes XD


Hi Chewy. Thanks for tagging me! Go to sleep btw.


I figured but that’s cool that you kept it going






i have 100000000000 mozie bites. someone send help plehs


nah lates