We need more friends 24.0



*shoots you from a distance, keeping angle of trajectory and distance in mind*

It does if you aim it correctly.


I don’t think


Yeah, it takes a lot of energy t oeat.


exactly why does people have to rush growing up be a kid for as long as possible


Well, this Charlie is 17. So how is the kid now?


u said japanese was right tho, indonesian?


exactly like be a kid for as long as you can I mean I don’t see the fun in growing up too fast


No, to digest dumbo


Not exactly, it’s mostly because trends and pressure, and also sex drive. If everyone around you is getting laid, you feel desperate to get laid too so as to not feel left out.


I never did
and no


you don’t think


That they are.


same and when i have it planned out i dont need to worry


malaysian, thai


I don’t think that you’re annoying


*pets more* Meow likes being petted.




lol wow relatable… is this cousin younger than you? idk why but i always find younger cousins rly annoying… is that just me?


why am I still talking to you why am I still talking to @Ariador even


I don’t feel so. Maybe that’s why people assume I’m gay. But I just feel frustrated to even think about it.