We need more friends 24.0



India is in asia


no I said he didn’t i


Does having a crush counts sexual?


yeah bc that bench wants 14 grandkids


ikr! quite a lot of “popular” people in my school have already slept with someone and honestly idk how to react anymore… i has become a norm in society and it is quite sad. keep in mind that these kids are only 14.


Wouldn’t that be wonderful…


For some reason I always get really tired after eating.


so u dont think of it whenu think asia thats like thinking russan


Bro India is Asia XD
not my fault people don’t know enough geography :woman_shrugging:
Also, what other continent can I say?


that again?

and hi


Meow does not discriminate. If you have petting, meow has purring.


Russia is in both Asia and Europe
it’s not wrong to think Russians are Asians


But I’m not gay.


true but I am conivnced that I am annoying because of them and I are which is why I don’t like talking to new people in reality because I think I’m annoying


I mean did he lose his virginity to a girl?


Though Russia occupies most of Asia there is still space for other countries boi…




ik just no one thinks it so it can be confusing


lol haha i have a cousin like that… for some reason my parents and her parents think that we r “besties” and always make me look after her, its rly sad cuz sometimes she tags along to some of the friendship gatherings or parties i go to.


Definitely, very beautiful.