We need more friends 24.0



noooooooo don’t go Charlie


But your mane is only 5mm


see u kid haha byee


Yeah, that’s only weirder than the fact that I know that.


I have only younger cousins if you doesn’t count my second cousins


Ohh, I’ll come back later, kid. Gotta go before my Dad comes yelling.


yeah but it’s fine I’m in the kitchen and she’s in the room so I get a little somewhat peace and quiet


men lose their manes quickly


i hate valentines day, i dont like see couples, and i see them everywhere in the university and more everyday and its like waitt what happens?? im the only who is alone??


Bye, milady.


On top, close to 100 mm; below, 0 mm.


yep and I do love you all grins


yep it’s like kill me


we love you too :heart:


lol wow… yh i can relate kinda. people always think im from like saudi arabia or something. most people think im from pakistan but im pretty sure i look asian.


The oldest of the group then. I hear that can really suck. I’m in the middle. Like everything else in life.


I have hundreds of names, one more won’t hurt.


No, I’m alone too! Sings you’re not alone


You measure your mane or what?..XD


i’m not a fucking kid okay promise