We Need More Friends 31.0


yeah. but brown to black.


lmao, how so?


or maybe brown to navy…? that’s a contender.


Personality wise, I giggle a lot more. I never giggle smh


hell, i don’t think i’ve ever giggled.


That’s cool, go with that


yeah, perhaps. it would suit my eyes, too.


Oh. But that’s not very noticeable.


Exactly. Neither did I when I was I brunette.
I just feel a whole lot more bubbly


look at the second option.


bubbly? lmao.
stereotypical blonde bubbly, i’m assuming.


Yeah. I hate it, but I look a lot better as a blonde. Brings out my eyes


really? wow.


I was going to dye it some outrageous color like green, but my friends talked me out of it lol


as a kid, i wanted to dye my hair red.
not like auburn red, natural red.
red red.


Nice. That would actually go well with my skin tone, maybe once I’m tired of being blonde I’ll go red :wink:


i wanted like lipstick red though.


Ariel style lmao.
I wanted that shade too, but they didn’t have it at the salon


yeah. :joy:
although my favorite disney princess has always been mulan.


weird flex but ok.