We Need More Friends 31.0


it really does look so much better.


Hi. I’m new to this…




Mine was Merida. Love her hair too❤️


doesn’t it always look good, though?


hi, i’m rish.

but you can call me anytime :sunglasses:






Lol. I’m Ryder. I just joined. I have no idea how this thing works…


hello ryder~

don’t worry, you’ll know the way soon. if you have any problem, ask me, I’ll help you out as best I can c:


Thank you, Lunaetic. Will do.

I think I will try to navigate my way around for a bit…


lmao. Call me adelia.

and also, to reply to someone, you click the arrow on the right hand bottom corner


yeah good. That’s how you edit c:

did u get a badge for it?


Hi Adelia :slight_smile:

Thanks for helping. I’m trying to get my profile pic up, lol. And sorry, my phone works so slow…




that’s okay c:

also, to change your pfp, first change it on the main wattpad site and then log out from these communities, and log back in




@Ariador You there?
Whenever you’ll come back, could you please tell me what was the lowest rank in British military in the mid 19th century? Like, if someone applied to be something in military (army) what would their post be?


Hey Julie. Hey Lia. Hey Subscribe human.



Did you change your username and profile picture