We Need More Friends 40.0.0




Teenagers scare the living sh!t out of me :musical_note:


I’ll be back later by the way, gotta do a bunch of stuff around the house and write since I’ve been procrastinating. It was really nice meeting everyone here though.


They can care less, as long as someone’ll bleed


You have made a wonderful impression! I meant it as a compliment. I’m 24.

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very true


That is something that even I feel when I see some of these kids talking. You’ll know what I mean when the thread is active. I hope we won’t scare you away :joy:


Take care Luke! I’ll see you around :slight_smile:


I’m so glad you got the reference haha


Wow. That’s something different.


Hopefully! We shall see :stuck_out_tongue: I plan on being more active though. I miss you guys.

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Byee! You’re still here, by the way :joy:


I get an alarming amount of references, haha. Alright, thanks everyone. Have a great day. Bye byeeeee.


awakens from my slumber Mornin’ guys~ XD

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Yeah… I just want to make it clear that they are all good people, truly. I love my family. They’re just victims of propaganda among other things.


Thank you. I tend to be more careful around the older (not in the sense of age) folks of Wattpad. Much more like impressing everyone, which obviously is creepy sometimes :joy:


Byee! See you later


Please feel free to be yourself Scarlett! You don’t need to walk on egg shells around me, I promise :slight_smile:

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I’ve had quite fun talking to you. Especially that you’re a non-fiction writer. I hope to see you around more often, at your own comfort, obviously.


Morning, sleepyhead!