We Need More Friends 40.0.0


So, you think they’re wrong in supporting Mr. Trump?


;u; I’m always sleepy. XD

Anyway I just finished backlogging. Your English is good, so shush. XD

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Oh, definitely. I just need a bit of time. And acquaintance. You aren’t intimidating, to say the least :smile:

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Okay, in that case, I’m glad!

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High five! I want to sleep again now.
No, I am just worried about my Grammar. That’s I keep popping those brackets in between.

No school today?




Me too. I’ll see you in a moment, if you aren’t asleep by then. My Mom’s yelling at me for the same old breakfast :joy:


Alrighty! Bye for now :slight_smile:

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;^; Sleep is good. We should all strive to sleep more.

Well your grammar seems fine to me. XD

Nope! I have the whole week off cause it’s Easter holiday. uwu

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Hello! I’m not sure if we’ve met, but I go by either Lena or Sci! If I’ve already met you I’m really sorry, I’m kind of out of it.


I’ve seen you around a lot but idk if we’ve talked much. ;u; How have you been? ^^

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Haha yeah I was super active for several months and then just dropped off the face of the earth :joy:
But I’m doing better now. How are you?

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You’re going all french on me now,huh?


Ah pizdec, I still have half an hour before I leave.

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Oui, mademoiselle.

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“Fuck” in Russian.


…i need to learn Spanish soon!

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Who would’ve guessed…
someone who speaks Russian, perhaps

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