We Need More Friends 40.0.0


I would have.


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Oof, that’s too bad. ;-; Glad to have you back tho!

I just woke up and I is still sleepy. XD


I can read Russian (I learnt the script for fun) but I don’t understand any of it, lol.


Do I want to know what that means?


owo I speak Spanish, I can help. XD

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After advanced, maybe :joy:

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You’re one step closer to learning it then.

I’m terrible in Russian too.


We must be on opposite sides of the world. I need to be sleeping now haha. But good morning!

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Et tu, Sci?


I need to stop learning new scripts and actually focus on understanding the language, damn.


Yes, when I get to it, I’ll need lots of help xD

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Sólo sé algunas palabras en ruso

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It originally meant ‘bitch’ but regular usage amongst the CS:GO community has changed its meaning to be anything around ‘shit’.

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Vocab and sentence structure will getcha

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Yes, totally.

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Of course, there’s no question of the ‘maybe’ xD

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Ah blin, I should go take a shower.

But Slav Cat hates water.

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Lol. Slav cat.


Sentence structure isn’t that hard, (English, Hindi and Japanese have pretty different sentence structures and I’ve got a good grasp of all of them) but vocab is my biggest nemesis.