We Need More Friends 40.0.0


I do not understand that and yes, I’m too lazy to go check it on Google translate xD




I only know a few words in Russian haha

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It’s super fun, though. Sigh. Practicality over fun, I suppose.


You can do it, it’s not deep water


Just learn the curse words. Once you know the curse words of a language, you know most of it. And in the case of Russian, all of it.


Water remind me of Chernobyl.

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For some reason I have a problem with prepositions too. But yeah. Vocab is hard. Like for some thins, my Spanish is great. But there are such simple words I don’t know


Still more than the average xD


I’ve heard a few people say that about Russian, yes. XD






Every language has its easy and hard parts, and that depends on the other language(s) that you know too. And yet, vocab is still the enemy of all.


I learned Russian words because I play a card game called Durak a lot… weird reason but there you have it

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And I’m guessing it’s Russian?


Ding ding ding we have a winner!

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Ah, I was always good with guessing :smiley: thank you, thank you! XD

Anyway, when are planning on sleeping, Sci, you have an appointment in the morning too


You’re right, I really should try sleeping.

It’s been great to be back everyone! I shall be back soon. Take care :slight_smile:

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Yeah, take care, Sci :slight_smile:
Night night!

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