We Need More Friends 40.0.0


You just heard me say that.


Heels on ground, comrade found.
Heels in the sky, WESTERN SPY CYKA BLYAT!


Chernobyl had water.


Every place has water?

I just know about Chernobyl due to that ‘Chernobyl Disaster’ incident




Μιλάμε για Ρωσικά; Σκέφτηκα να προσθέσω μερικά ελληνικά στο νήμα.


You and some other people.


And now I’m lying in bed with water dripping from my hair, I should get ready but I can’t find a set of clothes to wear so I’m just lying here and I’ll probably be late for class. But I don’t give a blin.




Okay then.


Don’t be late for class.


I always finish first.


Tu es pathétique, Jasper. Vous n’avez pas décrire des choses si profondes qui stimulent mon imagination :rofl:


Greek. I thought you would recognize it.


That’s what he said.

not something to be proud of lol


That’s was intended, sweetheart.

My bed’s wet now though, hopefully it’ll dry by the time I return.


I did.


“You’re pathetic, Jasper. Something something, choices(?) Something something, have some imagination(?)”

My best guess, sincerely a lame English-only speaker.


My body works faster than most other people.


You know, this is the perfect scene of a teen fic movie