We Need More Friends 40.0.0


I’m racking my brain to find stories even half as interesting as @prettyPoison08 s
All I have is about this girl I know who used to sit on other guy’s laps when she was dating and cuddle up with them and flirt with them and idk how bad that is but man it was so annoying


paani fekna

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Aag mein tel daalna.


ulta chor kotwal ko daante


I wrote silly, but the auto correct made it idiot.
I am filing a case on auto correct now.

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Better than my neighbor who thinks Stephen Hawking was an actor starring opposite Leonardo in Titanic :joy:


Apne per par kulhadi maarna


hahahah shit seriously?


Yep. :joy:


Oh man that is Gold :joy:


Bandar kya jaane adhrak Ka swaad


Oh and one more

Newton is the author of ‘Oliver Twist’ :expressionless:




No but for real, this girl had this weird power or something
Guys used to fall for her, she absolutely loved that and she would say no to them and break their hearts
And be like we can still be friends
So then she had these entire gang of guy friends who were secretly in love with her and she loved that attention


These are too creative man
Like Einstein wrote Ramayana


Did the girl say anything about me?


Aw did you want her to?


Naaah of course not. XD


I can sense the desperation from all the way here

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Oof better find the last remaining shreds of dignity I have then. XD

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