We Need More Friends 40.0.0


Dammit I killed the thread. ;u;


Oh god. Ew…

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Damn :joy:


Yeah she did Zig Zac


Hahah no you didn’t
What plans do you have for today?


o.o What did she say?


Idk hopefully not procrastinate all day cause I have lots to study. ;u;


Yeah worst part was that she dated one of my close guy friends and it took him almost a year to move on
She moved on the next month or so :confused:


Oh , a lot.


Like what? XD


same here
I have a project that has a deadline coming soon but all I’m doing is wasting time
And talking to you all ofcourse




Tell usssss :open_mouth:


</3 Go do your project smh. XD What’s it about?


I saw her pfp I think. She was here, no?


Aw Don’t worry Zachy
Computer security application
I’m supposed to develop the proper code :confused:

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Yes lurking, apparently


That is certified to be infinitely productive


Such girls need to be thrown into septic tanks. Same with a girl in my school. She trapped this friend of mine, and he was a straight A+ student. She came she dated him for. A week and left him.
He got all distracted and got detained in 11th now, poor guy.
He still had an option to leave the school and directly start 12th but he preferred staying here and wasting one year. Why?
She asked him to!

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Lurking? I thought she posted