We Need More Friends 53.0.12


21 kills.

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Hello there!

Wow… you watched that video?

What video? I’m just predicting things and trying to sound wise

you still a kitten or already a tiger cub?

And you hit a bull’s eye.

Time, as I like to think, is the increase of entropy. So when entropy is at max, then there will be no increase in entropy, which means time will cease to exist.

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:thinking: You are not tired today Jasper? xD How come u created this? xD


wut? :no_mouth: entropy and time?

I not has the tired today, the tired has on the other side of the observable universe.


Good good

Hmm, ‘hit a bull’s eye’ means that i’m correct or right?

New topics to you?



:joy::joy: oh

then it should settle there permanently xD

No… but idk how they are related xD

there was something abt in Dan Brown’s origin too.