We Need More Friends 53.0.12

:no_mouth: deeeeeeeeep

It’s back now.

I has the sick now.

Entropy is the concept that things will keep getting more and more fucked up as time goes on.

Aabra ka dabra tired and sick go back!

Did they go? xD


:joy::joy: lmao its the degree of randomness… so it will become so random that no one can predict how fucked up it will get? xD

I feel like writing that definition in my exam :joy::joy:


*lunges at*

Yes, same thing. Either way we are fucked and destined to die a cold, slow death in the void of space.

Hmph. Ok I hv just started to learn magic.

*Summons Heimdall* Hello Could u teleport these two to a different dimension? And seal it?

:expressionless: such optimistic thoughts

Why cold? and slow?

Lol I’m still tagged in this? Hi!

*asks Uncle Loki to steal it*

Because that’s how the universe is.

Once tagged, always tagged. Hi!

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Yay! see now its gone xD

*bows* no need to thank me *bows* xD

Well…we could always die a burning hot and fast death toooo


*has it*

You will, I won’t.