This is something that I’ve been noticing, there is little to 0 gay fanfictions or X Male Reader books. I’m a writer of three gay fanfiction books and I think it’s very disappointing that stories I spend hours to write are so low in the ranks compared to badly written stories.

I sometimes feel the only reason those badly written stories are high in the ranks is because they’re straight.


Not really


I think it depends on your fandom.
1D has many gay fanfictions.
Harry Potter(Drarry) too and also Percy Jackson(Pernico, Solangelo)


Mmgh, not really, tons of MxM and mpreg in high ranking stuff.


Wow wrong thread XD run as fast away as i can


Not really. There’s a lot of BTS ship fics (in any whatever languages).

But is there a reason why you felt like that? Just curious :stuck_out_tongue:


What? I’m sure I’ve seen lots


Where have you been looking? Depending on the fandom, there’s hundreds of gay fanfictions on here… Probably about even with straight fanfics - which by the way, there’s just as many badly written gay fanfics as there are badly written straight fanfics.

Though I will say I’ve not seen many x male reader fics, but only cause it’s not something I go searching for, so I’m sure there’s plenty of those,


People chose what they like to write, some like to write ‘straight’ fictions whereas some like to write ‘gay’ fictions (like you), consider maybe it’s not because of the fact that there are not many gay writers that your books do not perform as well as others, but that there are not as many people who enjoy reading ‘gay’ fictions as there are people who read ‘straight’ fictions. E.g. I myself cannot read ‘gay’ fictions as they make me feel awkward and weird, but I know others who love to read them.


I must disagree. What we need is more gay and lesbian fiction (not fanfiction) that is not overly sexualized. They make these types of couples as sex crazed and very stereotyped (what people think gay people are)


There are 47.9k stories tagged “gay fanfiction” on WP alone. There’ll be millions more on spread across other fanfiction archives. I wouldn’t say we have a shortage.

What we could use more of, on the other hand, is slash fiction that doesn’t fetishise the male characters or reduce one person in a relationship to an archetype of a stereotypical female (which doesn’t even mesh with the way women behave in real life either).


I very much agree with that.


I think what he’s talking about are gay self insert fanfictions. Of which I have encountered next to none.


I ship Drarry :smile: and I have a lot of origin stories


I guess you could say I’ve contributed to this idea…?
I’ve done a fanfiction where I’ve re-created Undertale from beginning to end, and have so far completed the true pacifist route and a big chunk of the genocide route.
In the true pacifist route, there are two same-gender couples: Undyne+Alphys, and 01+02.


Depending on the fandom, there tends to be quite a lot of gay fanfiction already. Male/Male is very, very common, especially in fandoms with a heavy male cast. Plus, yaoi is a huge thing in anime-related fandoms especially.

The areas not so much hit are, self-insert/same sex fics, as well as girl/girl (I tend to find more F/F on AO3 anyway). I believe it is because there are not many males who write for it (however, that has been changing, I’ve noticed). Secondly, since more females tend to write these type of fanfictions, they’re going to write from a perspective they understand better.


I wish there were MORE Original gay stories instead of just fanfics. I don’t know if its just me but I cant find any, I only find gay stories in fandoms that I don’t know or care very little about, so I never read them.


Finally I can brag. Who would have thought.
I have written 150k of pretty gay fanfiction. And there’s even more gay stuff on the way. And they kiss…like four times or so throughout 50k. Not because I don’t like writing them touch or stuff. But because I wanted to focus on the rest of all the plots and relationships instead of writing smutty stuff. Though one could argue that I use some form of the ‘bury our gays’ trope, but I write a modern AU about a character that would be DEAD otherwise, and because I wanted canon to take some part, and because in canon one of them is pretty much not the greatest person, I had to crack it up into mutliple parts with them drama. And maybe I like writing drama. Like…an enourmous pile of dumpster fires raging through a whole city kind of drama.


I have written several gay fanfictions but it is based off of a gay tv series and I have read quite a few gay fanfictions too. I provide the pictures of the actors from the tv series so anyone who isn’t familiar with the show has an idea of what the actors look like. I know it isn’t the same for the people who have never watched the tv series, but I try to make the accommodations for them so they don’t miss out.


I’m writing a gay fanfiction too! It’s called Mixtape For The End of the World.