Webnovel vs Radish vs Tapas vs Wattpad: pay by chapter Premium program


Yeah, that’s why Beta readers are good. Their job isn’t to find typos. Their job is to tell you what they liked and disliked about your story. What confused them. What bored them. What characters they liked. Disliked. Were they believable.

You’re not going to get that from wattpad readers. Even a comment from a wattpad reader like “Loved it” doesn’t tell you much. It makes you feel good, but it doesn’t help you.

That’s why I originally wanted to be traditionally published. I wanted someone with the skills to help me make the novel better. Being openminded, I can learn from that.


I can tell you that I didn’t finish Codename:Velocity because I didn’t like the direction the story was going or the protagonist. To be fair, I’m not a big sci-fi military story fan so going in I probably wasn’t going to like it to begin with.

There was nothing expressly wrong with Velocity as a character, it was just a character I’m bored of seeing. The no-nonsense trained killer badass female I’ve just seen too many times and I didn’t read anything that made her feel different original. This, coupled with a plot I wasn’t interested in, just had me put it down.

Nothing expressly wrong with the writing style either. Just didn’t appeal to me.


I applied to Radish yesterday.

Are they selective? Because I don’t get why they take 4 to 6 weeks to approve.


I disagree about Radish - almost all of the top indie romance authors — and many traditionally published authors — are on the app.

I first published my book Constant Craving there — and it was a finalist in the RITAs, the genre’s top awards. I pay for my covers, developmental editors, copy editors and proofreaders. I choose to indie publish, and I’m a professional writer.


Sounds like a genre thing though, is it mostly romance writers or is there a lot of other genres, like sci-fi, fantasy and horror?


There are other genres. I’m most familiar with the romance writers though.


Exactly. Wattpad has already set their image and defined their target demographic. They did so in 2016…


Have you tinkered with leaving an author note at the bottom, or used the graphical data to determine where exactly the readers are dropping the book? The information is there in that regard, but it depends on how you interpret it.

And you could always apply for a beta reader. It’s in the threads. Surely someone would like to give it a crack :wink:


can you give a link to radist?

as for tapas, ive heard many things about it.

it used to be site mainly for comics and it still focuses on them.

many authors however do claim that it is a pain to format your stuff for tapas…

i’ve never heard of radish thou


it actually depends on your book.

reading books at webnovel is very, very expensive…and their top authors do earn enough.
of course just taking the numbers from the top authors mean nothing, but WN controls their authors so tightly that we have nothing else to compare.

the contract is super harsh and you guys need to read it for yourself.
WN knows this, but does not want to change it. instead they have their top authors come out and say that it will never be used…

uhhh okay…so why is it there?


And that’s a deal killer. Period. That no one has had a bad experience – yet – is utterly irrelevant. No one should ever sign a bad contract, blithely believing it will all be fine and everyone will act fairly in the future.


Before walking away, you innocently ask, “If you’re never going to use that clause, you won’t mind taking it out of my contract, will you?” and watch their faces :grin:


Like I’ve been telling people since like…forever: I do not need beta readers for my books. I am perfectly capable of writing my books myself. I do not need a chaperone or a babysitter or someone to tell me what they “liked” or what they “hated”.

Because unlike the most of you, I don’t write according to someone else’s preferences or script. I am a free agent and someone who values using his imagination and creativity when writing than what the market dictates or demands.

If people cannot follow along, if they cannot figure out how the three act story telling structure works and how that applies to large and complex story lines, that’s their own damned problem.

I’m not going to spend all of my days walking people through each chapter of my novels and ask: “Do you understand it now?”

I mean seriously, how hard is it to follow along? How hard is it to understand that what I write is science fiction and not real life? How hard is it for people here to figure out how a series of carefully cultivated subplots work within the main story line?

Do I really need to draw everything I write out in crayon for you people to understand?

You think you guys know practically everything there is to writing and publishing and reading and so on and so forth. But you apparently get “stopped up” by my work for the most insane reasons imaginable.

You can read Game of Thrones, but Codename: Velocity is too damned hard–even though it’s been written in easy-to-read ENGLISH.

You can read all the classic novels of the past 200 years with no problem…! But something like Into The Mind is just too much for your minds to handle.

Even though I write in plain, simple, text.

Have you people lost your ability to dream and imagination? Is that’s what going on? Too dumbed down in life to truly understand what’s put out in front of you to be able to comprehend? Are you all part of the broken education system that American politics has worked long and hard to foster in the end and successfully turned 65 million of its citizens into drooling imbeciles with a 4th grade intellect?


I agree with everything you wrote about ad revenue and writers being able to monetize their books in that way. It makes complete sense. In my understanding, Wattpad has tried this with certain books on the app, such as After by Anna Todd. The entire first book is monetized by ads and a percentage of the revenue goes to Anna. What I would like to know is why they started this coin thing, if that was an option. What went wrong there, because as far as I know, it’s still monetized. Meanwhile, we have ads on our books that we are not getting paid for. Until someone from Wattpad answers me, I will just have to assume that Wattpad wants their cake and to eat it too. They want all the ad revenue, all the premium membership revenue and part of the coin revenue. Fact is, readers come here to read free stories. Writers are putting in a lot of work and should get paid for it. YouTubers are buying million dollar mansions and Teslas from ad rev. Why would it not work here?


No. She wasn’t a bad ass trained killer. She was reverse engineered by teams of specialists at the Archer Research Complex in the Southlands after her initial capture 20 years previous and turned into a weapon against the Horde. (Or at least…that was the plan.)

She was placed in a maturation matrix as the little human girl she took form with and allowed to develop into maturity at her own rate. But complications arose that forced the specialists working on her to devise a system that would allow her to experience a life that would almost seem like the real thing–while they kept working on and improving her scope of power and capabilities.

They used programmed templates of the Compound’s original staff that died during an attack by the Horde–to guide and nurture her. (Like Jaen Leers for example. He was one of the staff that died during the assault.)

What you read in the earlier draft wasn’t real. The final version of the draft is nothing more than a specialized computer program designed to give her a semblance of a normal life–for her.

Velocity’s not even human. She’s a fragment of what we know of the Big Bang. The Spark of All Creation. The primal forces of the known universe. So every 26 billion years or so, she gets to experience a brief life as a human being, then reach a point where she chain reacts to start the process of life all over again on a universal scale–into many different realities with her Keeper of Light by her side.

Of course, you would already know this–all of you–had you decided to keep following along.

But the majority of you decided that one book was good enough. You didn’t need to read any further–so convinced what was in the second draft would be published.

Not even realizing that it could never be used. So a new third draft was written with the above story line already in motion.

Your loss, I suppose.

But I did try to tell you this in the past. You just chose not to listen.

So how could you possibly know what my character is like if you didn’t continue reading any further with Quickstrike, Firestorm, or Demon Blade?

Because if you read any of those books, you would’ve seen the truth.

You would have seen all the little clues, hints, and easter eggs that I sowed throughout the course of the first four novels. But for some ungodly reason…you never picked up on them.

I was literally laying everything out so you could figure things out for yourselves–by dropping a shit load of bread crumbs for you to follow. Easily!!!

Do you think an amateur writer (as you call me) is this capable of masking things so succinctly that everyone practically misses every cue or clue there is in the novels?

I would’ve thought by the end of Firestorm, people would have figured out that there wasn’t something quite right about Velocity. I mean, the whole book was a dark chapter in her tragic existence as the main character of the story.

And Book 2? Jesus people! How many ways do I have to spell out the term “simulated environment” before the light bulbs upstairs finally clicks on?

Or how about Book 4 where Velocity is free to wreck havoc on a global scale and she plunges Earth into a new Dark Age that has now lasted a full two years after she broke out of the research complex at the end of Book 3?

Do you even realize that even then, there is one person still out there (Mari) who misses her former partner, but can’t affect things directly because she was an AI program from the start?

Bet you kids didn’t think of that while reading the first book, did you? Because you thought it was real. And it was supposed to be! FOR HER! FOR VELOCITY!

So she wouldn’t know the damned truth about her existence! Because if she did, she would stop what she was doing and try to find a way out of the elaborate mouse trap I wrote her in!

That’s what a consummate and accomplished writer like myself is capable of doing! But you just keep measuring all of your “accomplishments” based on your limited understanding of writing and skill level–while belittling mine.

You people had no idea what I had been doing or planning for the past 5 years. None!

I swear…it’s like the blind reading to the blind.


I have some really hard news for you to hear.

I read all of that, I know the story that you’ve mentioned before, and I still don’t like the story and I’m not interested in it. I’m not interested in her character, I’ve seen it before and I’m bored with it. I know she’s different for you, but its not to me. “Reverse engineered” is another way of saying “trained soldier” to me. I actually hate the “this was all a simulation” trope. Its not a bad trope, I just personally do not like it as a human being with individual tastes. If it’s my loss, it’s my loss, but I’m never going to feel it as a loss, no matter what you say.

Why do I owe you liking your story? It doesn’t necessarily mean you have a bad story if I don’t like it. It just means I don’t like it. Even the best story teller in the universe can’t write a story that is universally enjoyed even if it’s well written. The most popular of classics aren’t even universally loved.

Have I been cruel about Codename: Velocity in my response? I don’t think your writing was bad and I said so. It’s not the kind of story, or character that interests me. I didn’t even say she was a bad character, only that personally I don’t like her. I actually have interest in other stories of yours, and have said so, but not this one.

If you want me to give this particular story a full read, when I’ve already given it a shot, already said I’m not interested and even mentioned another story of yours I am interested in, why not privately message me and ask? I’ll beta read for you. You can give me a list of things you want me to comment on, and I’ll comment only on that. I’m not likely to like the story, as mentioned, but thats because of my personal tastes. If you’d like me to beta read and ask, I’d super appreciate a beta read of my manuscript when I’ve finished, but that’s not a requirement or anything. It probably should be a requirement, it’s only fair, but I don’t roll that way. I’m willing to help just to help if you want it.

Let’s build relationship. Getting upset at me for trying your story, not finding it to my personal tastes and not finishing it and insisting that I owe you a full read is completely unfair to me when you haven’t read mine. Should I do the same back and insist a full read of my short story collection? Why would you owe me that? But if you need a reader and a friend, approach me like one. I’m trying to approach you kindly too. I personally didn’t like aspects of Codename: Velocity and was not interested in finishing it, but it wasn’t about the writing style and you have another work I am more interested in. I don’t know how else to comment my thoughts on that story to be honest but kind and fair. I have never once called you an amateur writer either and if I have quote me and I’d like to apologize.


You missed his point. He has no need for Beta readers. They’re wrong and he’s right so why listen to them. If his story isn’t enjoyed by anyone it’s not the story; it’s the readers.

I tried helping him but finally am throwing up my hands. I give up.


I don’t know if you enjoy punishing yourself or you have an inexhaustible amount of patience. Either way, you truly are a saint and I don’t think a nice person like your good self need be trying to please folk that are just not worth your time. :man_shrugging:t5:


Yes, that must be it.


I have to ask - where does this confidence come from? It’s really mind-blowing. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen an author - even a famous author, much less an unpublished one - constantly denigrating basically all readers as being unworthy of his genius.

Schuyler, you really need to get a massive injection of humility. If you believe your writing is great, that’s fine. If you think you don’t need to listen to anyone else, fine. But telling everyone else they’re idiots because they don’t love your writing is ridiculous. Most of us have never read your writing, nor have we ever said anything about it, but you’ve concocted this elaborate fantasy where we’re all conspiring against you.

I would like to see some actual evidence that someone out there has attacked your writing for telling instead of showing, told you that 200k word books are so long they are unpublishable, or any of the other points you constantly bring up and harp on. Do you get incensed over some singular random comment on one of your books, and then take that and apply it to the world as if everyone is out to get you?

I realize it is much, much easier to deal with life as a victim. Then nothing is your fault. That’s basically the mantra of the modern age. But you’re a grown man. You need to put on your big-boy pants and act like it.

Sorry, that’s blunt, but that’s the truth.