Has anyone else been contacted by Webnovel.com? They sent me a message via twitter and it’s not too hot a deal for me. They actually offered to pay my upfront to put my content non-exclusively on their website. They wouldn’t even tell me specifically which title caught their attention. My guess is that they were too busy looking at numbers to see titles. Their royalty programme is also not as good as some of the others (50/50) and they don’t offer editing or any other assistance. I know they’re big in China, but I don’t even know why they think I match their platform…

I’m afraid it could be a scam my dude

Crappy, crappy, crappy contract.

It’s probably not a scam per say but the way they tried to scout me was highly unprofessional. I’ve had both Tapas and Radish try to recruit me and they actually could tell me which titles they were looking at. Plus, when I asked webnovel who their audience was, she told me “under 35”. Not kidding, no elaboration what so ever.

WebNovel are usually for asian (mostly Chinese) setting novels though. Unless you have those plots then they must have saw potential? They’re, I think, part of the international version of qidan which is the site for Chinese writers.

They also got WP profile but they never contacted users (I might have mis-corrected on this part?). The problem is when users upload those darn chinese novels in WP and you contact WebNovel through email, they send a auto DMCA message :expressionless:

Meanwhile, Lezhin considers your email report and they handle it.

I know most companies would let original owners handle it but for a company that even allows fan translators translating Asian novels in their site, I wish they were like Lezhin :unamused:

Yeah, I know that that’s what they’re about. That’s why I asked them repeatedly what story caught their attention, but they kept evading or misunderstanding the question, so they obviously hadn’t bothered to read anything and looked only at the number of reads/followers I have.

Report them. This is poaching of WP authors and not allowed. The fact most of these illicit solicitors offer subterranean deals makes it worse…

They contacted me through twitter and didn’t manage to do any poaching since after hearing their answers to my questions I politely told them to piss off.

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Bully for you, well done!

I’ve done some research on their contract and I’ve heard that it was something like $200 to $800 (being generous) a month - and the work rate was horrible. Like 50k to 100k words a month and number of chapters per week. Personally, I would never sign a contract with them. I do post my story on their platform, but I would never sell my story rights to them. They might be a good platform to get a following, but nothing more than that.