What’s your take on this?

Hello Roxydog05,

My name is Bryce. I’m an Author Liaison representative, representing TencentLiterature. .

I’ve read the initial chapters and I feel that your novel showcases your capabilities as a writer thus, I would like to invite you to publish on our platform W e b n o v e l. You may find our App on Appstore or Google Play, which has over tens of millions installations.

We would like to offer a non-exclusive contract for your novels currently on the site, this way, you can keep the novel on the site but at the same time also help you tap on the large reader base of on our platform with over 60 million unique user views, making it a win-win situation.

Please feel free to reach out to me with regards to this, we want to understand your needs first and foremost as an author to help you reach the target market you want to hit.

For more information, you can join our discord server or email us at: (he gave me it)

You can also follow our Editorial Team’s Wattpad account, send me PM to check more details:
Wattpad account: https://www.wattpad.com/user/WebnovelContent

Or if you want to reach out personally,
You can contact me via my email/Discord at
Discord: (he gave me it)
Email: (he gave me it)

I don’t plan on taking the offer anyway, but what do you guys think. Legitimate or not?

It’s not. Many people are getting this and it’s a scam.


It’s a scam, one of my acquaintances got this email recently.

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It’s a an unethical business scam, no doubt by the webnovel advertisers themselves

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@TheOrangutan , these have really stepped up lately. Could Wattpad put one of notices at the top of the screen for a few days that calls out all the different companies and says they’re breaking Terms & Conditions and should be reported? Maybe send the readers to the Industry Insiders club for threads on why they should be avoided? (I don’t know if you could come right out and say that they have predatory, writer-unfriendly contracts in a system-wide message or not.)

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This post was pinned globally in the forums for a couple of weeks and is still pinned in the News and Updates channel so anyone visiting the forums after it was pinned will have seen it at the top of their screen on entry to the forums.


Good thing I saw this! I got this message a while ago

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