Website mirroring Wattpad with copyable text

Couldn’t find any mention of this elsewhere but I’m sorry if I’m repeating old news.

This Vietnamese site is a mirror of Wattpad with the same stories, tags, reads and likes, and the chapter text is copyable (unlike this site).

Is Wattpad aware of it?

Can you share the link? Also, it would be a good idea to report it here.

Hi there,

That site is not actually copying content from Wattpad, they’re looking at Wattpad through another webpage. Sites like that are mirror or ‘lens’ sites. They look at Wattpad through a lens which usually carries their own logo, malware etc.

The Wattpad team are aware of these sort of sites and are working on getting them taken down, but they’re usually located in countries that are less caring of copyright law and so can take a long time to get removed.

I’ve edited your post to remove the link - if you click on the site or any links related to that site you are likely at risk of a malware attack, so be sure to do a full threat/safety scan on your laptop/computer/phone.

For your safety and for your readers, you may want to include this message in the summary of your story on Wattpad (this also applies if you write on another site) -

“If you are reading this story on any other platform other than Wattpad you are very likely to be at risk of a malware attack. If you wish to read this story in it’s original, safe, form, please go to (Wattpad User Link). Thank you.”


Oooh, I knew there’s been a problem with mirror sites but that’s concerning with the copyable text, never realised they could do that.


As Azanthiel said, they are aware. It’s a virus site so if enter clean your device, put the author’s note in summary page.

The problem with this mirror site is that the law is hard to make it removable and even if one is removed, it doesn’t stop another making a new mirror site. This is like manga sites. Japan shuts down one but doesn’t stop other making a new one.

But everyone please do not go there and if do then make sure your device is scanned!


Holy hell, I found that site too! My book is on there too! I couldn’t report it though…

Please read Azanthiel’s post and hurry scan your device!


I think my device was already scanned…

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Ok, that’s good :hugs:

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Yes they’re aware of it but as soon as one gets shut down, another one comes in its place. They’re like noxious weeds

I strongly believe that’s how one of my stories got stolen. They copied and pasted, changing some content to their liking but accidentally left one of my characters names in! Lol.

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Can this happen to unpublished works on Wattpad? Can those stories be copied?

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I’m not sure myself because I don’t want my device affected (even if I have mcafee) but since it’s a ‘mirror’ and only just ‘reflecting’ I don’t think it’ll show unpublished works since only you (author) are able to see it but readers can’t.

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It’s quite possible to copy book content directly from Wattpad, too. So no additional concern, there. :neutral_face:


Concern all round :joy: guess that’s the risk of publishing anything online


Yeah…if they waste time typing word for word or screenshot it and put on the book (since WP doesn’t have any function you can download or copied text except titles)

I can force any web page into reader mode, and then I can copy and paste the contents. Including Wattpad stories. Much easier than typing word for word and screenshotting it. Just letting you know such a thing exists.

Have you send ticket to HQ about it?

Er, there’s nothing Wattpad or any individual site can do. This is a browser feature.


Ohhh! Sorry, I’m a slight noob with tech stuff. It’s why I didn’t know about how people get WP stories to Amazon until someone wrote the book. Which is in my reading list

Not a problem. :slight_smile:

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